Evo Morales mysterious hands in key Bolivian matters?

Evo Morales mysterious hands in key Bolivian matters?

Undoubtedly Evo's croatian mafia IPSP by his dedazos, controls most candidacies &internal& external policies and perpetuation of Latifundio and birth and State identification records
There was a dispute between Mallku Felipe Quispe and evo but the latter getting a wind of Mallku Felipe Campos was about to campaign for his fellow Mallku, pulled strings at the Bolivian embassy in Washington DC and grounded Dr Felipe Campos. Soon Morales was elected president and you know he remained in power less than 15 years. While Morales was president missusing the power of the state, he made desappear Mallku Felipe Campos' Birth record and Nal identity card, to keep him exiled and played with him cat and mouse by ordering his diplomats Ministry of Justice and Sereci& OEP and Segip's political appointees continue to deny Mallku Felipe was Bolivian.
Then Evo's appointed authorities began to allege, Felipe Campos doesn't exist and whoever is alledging is Felipe Campos is a fabrication.
But then exiled Mallku Felipe Campos was able to present a copy of his expired Bolivian IDCard and Morales Gov through Segip, admitted he is a Bolivian but refused to renew documents and continued to leave him Stateless and exiled and continued to refuse to produce birth records at the hands of Morales appointed State authorities, who have kept disapeared his birth record.
Why is Morales doing this to Mallku Felipe Campos?
He fears him since Childhood.
Mallku Quispe blessed Mallku Felipe Campos to lead Jallalla, the indigenous movement.
He knows if he were to run against Mallku Felipe Campos he may loose the election& get rid of croatian Mafia IPSP and Latifundio.
Morales and his inner circle know Mallku Felipe along with many, defeated Morales  by 21F referendum & flipped over Morales because of having burned along his latifundists transgenic soy and Cattlemen, 10 million hectars of Forests and Tipnis land!
Morzles fear was not unfounded because he was a out to flee to Mexico in Nov 2019!
Mallku Felipe extended the olive branch to evo and asked him to appoint as presidential successor one of his 2/3 congressmen.
Evo received his message request but decided to flee, irresponsibly failing to ask congress his successor, the rest you know it.
Senator Anez and her coup makers decided for Anez to self proclaim because she would be rejected by MAS' 2/3 congress members and the coup would fail..so Anez violated senate rules and the Constitution and self proclaimed president.
Mallku Felipe Campos denounced among many people, senator Anez genocide decree #4078 and ordered genocides at Sacaba and Senkata...and Anez retaliated and kept him exiled.
Mallku Felipe Campos was key to persuade most indigenous to vote for lesser evil Luis Arce in exchange for an indigenous cabinet... but once elected Arce embedded with the old latifundists, refused to appoint an indigenous environmentalist8 cabinet...and refused on Dec 5 2020, to decree National quarentine to save Bolivians.
Having No more OAS Almagro on his side, Evo pulled strings to oppose 9 opposition lawyers who filed requesting the annulment of TCP's verdict 00084/2017 which made Evo Morales perpetual presidential candidate under the OAS San Jose foreign accord. But said accord violates the Constitution & the TCP validating said foreign accord, gave its verdict 00084/2017 which violates several constitutional articles.
The 9 lawyers who requested the TCP to annul it on Nov 22 2019, didn't received any answer within 48 hours established for constitucional reviews of this kind.
And frequently at regular short intervals they kept contacting the TCP's ministerial staff, who informed them the TCP had not handed down their verdict for or against!
This matter kept dragging for almost a year and a half, and the 9 lawyers after the gov of Dictator Anez and during Arce's current gov term filed a con stitutional writ AKA Liberty Action, AKA constitutional protection/AKA Habeas corpus to compell the TCP to rule on it.
9 lawyers filed on Octuber 14th 2020, Amparo constitutional, to get answer to their No. 22 2019 constitutional petition to hand an answer verdict from TCP!
A day before (April 20th 2021) the Habeas corpus/ Constitutional protection was to take place TCP's unconstitutional ruling making him perpetual presidential candidate, So on April 20  2021, the 9 lawyers received TCP's AutoConstitucional/ verdict to their  old writ requesting annulment of TCP's 0084/2017 verdict, but then magicly TCP peoduced an AutoConstitutional as the answer of TCP, rejecting the 9 lawyer's request to overturn/ Annul the inconstitutional verdict 0084/2017, favoring unconstitutionally Morales.
Morales hands magically pulled TCP to show there was an old Dec 24 2019 TCP's auto constitucional verdict rejecting the 9 lawyers constitutional request to annul verdict 0084/2017?
Or Coup D'etat President Anez ordered the TCP Justices/vocales to hide an adverse rulling to her and now that dictator Anez in no more in power, the TCP had courage to produce their old verdict from Dec 24th 2019.
Dr Campos has asked us not to especulate, but sentenced, " This mysterious old dec 24th 2019 verdict of the TCP, needs to be investigated"
I agree as many bolivians do, it needs to be investigated, because legally and constitutionally Evo Morales is banned from becoming a perpetual presidential candidate by 21F referendum and by the constitution.
If Latifundists who have always been in power through Coup govs or elected govs, wants to bury their Latifundio champion Evo Morales, they will let him run presidentially again.
If IPSP croatians led by Mirales want to destroy MAS and want to trigger the impending civil war, he will insist in his  2025 presidential candidacy.
I like most bolivianAmericans do not have any use for rotten Caudillos like Morales, Camacho, Villareyes, Mesa, DM, I an Arias nor for new right wing caudillos Santos Diaz& Eva Copa who betrayed indigenous climate defenders, to preserve indigenous people united and a united and thriving Bolivia advise MAS, do not violate rules to let Evo perpetual president of MAS. Key facts will doom MAS& Bolivia:
1] Letting Morales become perpetual presidential candidate invalid 0084/2017
2] Failing to quarentine Bolivia and Covid mutations Pandemics will decimate bolivians.
3]Feminicides, infanticides& pedofilia
4) Burning forests& letting Latifundio keep stealing state burned lands and resale them to foreigners for transgenic flora& fauna& red meat!
5) All white croatian monopoly of cabinets etc
6] Dedazos by Caudillos, who appoint candidates and authorities, that are all white croatian instead of an indian cabinet, and must lett the people elect their true leaders!
7)Continuing to unconstitutionally exile Mallku Felipe Campos, produces inestability, polarization and in the long run, the flip over of bad caudillos like Morales, Anez, Camacho, Villa Reyes, Arias, Santos Quispe, Eva Copa...

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