Extreme right wing vs moderate center right

Extreme Right wing vs Moderate center Right wing!
By DomiMamaniM

Granted lab made sarscovid2 is a permanent economically unstabilizing factor worldwide, financing and creating laws to finish arsoning irreversibly ancient trees that took milleniums to make rain forests and are melting down permafrost and glaciars with oilCarbonGas pandemics, and acidifying oceans toxically are making extractive capitalism a universally rejected economic model that is about to cross #ThePointofNORETURN and extinguishing not only flora& fauna& biodiversity but humanity at the hands of less than 1% elite breed of people made up by BlackRock, which talks of never ending transition off #OilCarbonAndGas but increases 20 fold even at SarsCovid2 crisis time, because they only care for profit as a means to preserve perpetual power for themselves!
What happens in the geopolitical center of the American Continent, are the common policies happening in most parts of the world, specially in our American Continent from tip to tip.
There is no left in our Continental America, but extreme right wing vs moderate right wing political candidates and Bolivia ilustrates this dilemma for its citizens.
The only difference between extreme right wing and moderate politicians is their rethoric propaganda!
Camacho& Villa Reyes vs MAS moderate right wings is sunk methuselah Carlos Mesa, twice in a raw presidential looser who like Evo Morales will never be a president again, despite pleading to the people!

LF Camacho& Manfred Reyes Villa are two extreme right wing military caudillo dynasties & civil contractors of the global employer.
Both seek to divide indigenous MAS to servile factions for 2025-2030 presidential race vs MAS.
Extreme right wing politics is simply the old nazismo illustrated by the Bible& the double cross and separatist Camacho like Branko Marinkovic prove it!
Separatist ReyesVilla is being reinvented by his global employer of civil contractors, into hiding its separatism and nazismo illustrated by his NuevaFuerzaRepublicana/Neoconservative, into a chamaleon of all colors-andNoColor, AddOnYourselfSumate,  to appear not a servant of the global employer of civil contractors, and to allege he is nationalist. But people remember his past and his Separatist nazismo with Cossio- Cuellar-Marinkovic-Costas of 2009!
We indigenous reject the genocidal christian religion and its Book of DeathlyRacialGenocide: the bible written by that breed of genociders of 3 milleniums!
With their racistBible they genocided many nations& cultures and  many leaders like Atawallpa and our inca civilization& culture and we will never accept to impose us on us, the mother of all mothers of genocides: biblical genocide/Apocalypsis!
Plato forewarned us the evil use of the written word and that is the genocidalRacistBible, which they autoproclaim themselves as the sobs of god and the rest are heathen pagan dogs.
We are not dogs and are not going to accept their goal to make us dogs eating from the crumbs off the table of banquets of the sons, because we are reciprocal to any creation and any creator and their allege children of the creator.
If they ever show us humanity is a creation and show us their own speaking god, who can show us his allegation that he created us, he will be asked:
Didn't your alleged word say you created equally all mankind, then why would you divide ones to be your sons and we not to be your sons, if you allege you created us both?
God you can't have it both ways, because that makes you a liar and a racist and if you say you kill all others for the sake of your people, then you are a racist god and a racist can't be god of gods, nor be the truth but a racist liar, who kills most people to favor your outlaw monopolistic rascals!
As you can see, their little book of racism&genocide is the writers own racist religion and bans people from using their own brains and human creative talents!
Camacho is not able to become elected because he is a violent racist, separatists who codirected the Nov2019, to install a genocidal Regime & most voters have seen him as one of the violent& deadliest naziDoubleCross bearers and he will be rejected and defeated! Hence he can only become a Defacto Gov, as he did it in black Nov2019.

VillaReyes can only become president if he divides enough indigenous people away from MAS and presents himself with a false mask of being a nationalistic candidate. But so long he is failed to cut his umbilical chord  from Neocon global employer of civil contractors, he will fail in 2030 to lead the indigenous majority voters!
Acording to gray eminence Mallku Felipe, that leaves him one one way to achieve power constitutionally: Openly place all his eggs in Camacho's basket.
The question is how will he break Camacho to be second to him?
Knowing Camacho, it's a No-No! And Reyes Villa won't accept being second to Camacho either!
Thay leaves him the desperate way to power:
Take his father's way to dynastic power:
A civil- Military Coup like Garcia- ArceGomez's Coup D'etat July 17th 1980!
As you can see from the above, Camacho Reyes Villa can only become president through a Coup D'etat!
This is one of the reasons why Camacho& Villa Reyes seek to stop the trial of Anez,cabinet& Military-Police-Paramilitary penal trials, because if MAS suceeds in this current state of right gov, led by Arce, to trial, convict, sentence and have them serve their judicial penal sentences, they will have cut the way of immune and impune coup D'etat makers way to power.
It would disarm extreme right wing Camacho&ReyesVilla tool of Coup D'etats and solidify democracy and advance survival of MAS as a viable, stable democratic party, if they get rid of Evo's Dedazos/appoin
tting candidates, which deters the renovation
of leadership!

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