Fake FB...!

     Fake FB...!
              By Domi Mamani M

Indigenous exiled Mallku Felipe Campos had forewarned us 3 years ago, that FB, Apple,Google, Amazon...are transforming true Democracy to Fake-Democracy/Authoritarian Theocrats, in most countries!
He pointed out FB colluded with the Authoritarian Chinesse Gov& its disclosure of names, cost countless true democratic yearning chinesse lives!
Money has no scruples but self interest of this breed of Temple's money changers for the third millenium!
Each country must have their own national social media & not these unchecked global social media, because they are secretive& not transparent, are not fair, not democratic, not accountable& they are monopolists and/or cartel olygopolists!
They must be broken like AT&T Corp & Microsoft ( windows2)!
We don't know quantitatevely what exact percent in FB are fake accounts but studying patterns through FB's social algorythm& statistic models, estimate it's extremelly high!
With fake news they produce coups much like CIA's fake invasion of Guatemala through radio, caused Jacobo Arbenz overthrow in Guatemala!
These  social media global giants are the enemies of humanity, are attempting to consumate a global police state much like Orson well's movie, "1984" and when FB, et all speak, are like the evil character of the movie, "The wizzard of Oz" who rules by terror& deception talking through  a speaker secretly from behind the curtain, to keep controlling everybody& getting richer& richest while everybody else suffers!
Just recently Mallku Felipe Campos forewarning became confirmed, regarding FB's fakes...see newsclip produced by the Guardian.

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