How many millions/billions of vaccinated people shall loose their lives unjustly?

How many millions/billions of vaccinated people shall loose their lives unjustly?

Never mind Ottoman Ugur Sahim& his wife Tureci along with their pharmaceutical cohorts created speculative prices by creating global vaccine scarcity. And now they are making countless billions of euro profits by selling their pseudo-vaccine , alleging they are vaccines that immunize you from getting sarscovid2 infections!
Now lab made sarscovid2 has increase countless mutations of said virus, rendering their vaccine useless, because vaccinated people and non-vaccinated are getting reinfected by countless pandemic mutations like Brazil's P1. But  Sahim-Tureci's Biontech-Phyzer and their cohort pharmaceutical vaccine makers, instead of admitting their original antipandemic has no more market because of being useless to the mutations viruses, they figureit out marketing ads to sell Booster shots like hot breads, now they are expanding their labs to increase production of their pseudo vaccines, sold under their smart marketting gimmick, "It can't hurt boosting your antigens annually with an annual booster shot to fight the new P1& mutation pandemic viruses.
So the 1% of humanity, that is the temple's moneyed elites share holders of these pharmaceutical Corps, keep investing in expanding new lab- factories of vaccines in BRICS COUNTRIES such as India, Brazil, SouthAfrica and in G7 countries like Germany, UK, Italy...
Sadly most humanity is fallen prey to panic caused by the Pharmaceutical global media's countless daily publications and people are buying them. But most of 8 billion humans can't afford them. And the free supplying Covax system is only delivered symbolic token amounts of vaccines that only cover 1% and 99% of underdeveloping and developing countries that can't afford them, so their citizens are Non- vaccinated& never will the globe be completely vaccinated because of racists political agendas from 1% of moneyed-elite, who globally run a system of a state within a state: That is in each state, the temple's money changers/elite run the state.
Sahim-Tureci, BlackRock... are part of this elite running model of gov of State- within-a-State, and they have caused the herds run for annual booster shots of antigens, without admitting there is no vaccine able to stop mutated pandemic viruses! 
And there will never be a magic curing vaccine to stop all countless mutating pandemic viruses.
So vaccinated people are captive pacmen eating annually antigen booster shots, which are pseudo-booster- vaccines.
You ask what is the difference between pseudo-booster vaccines vs a true vaccine.
The pseudo-booster vaccine/shot is only good for less than a year, so you need annually a new pseudo booster vaccine/shot!
But a TRUE VACCINE is a once a life vaccine, that stops the pandemic which was created to deter the virus from killing you! Example: a Measles-vaccine is a once a lifetime vaccine that protects you from acquiring any infection or reinfection of the meassless virus.
But the Sahim- Turecis of the elite world have used these marketting artifice to succesfully create the ilusion of a sarscovid2 vaccine which when facing countless mutation pandemic viruses like Brazil's P1. Current vaccines can't stop but manufacturing annualy new antigen- booster-vaccine, that 
 dependent global consumers think they must have it, the annual demand for a pseudo new antigen booster vaccine/shot, keeps it going non-stop.
So these elite are destroying your natural immune defenses and substituting them by a weak artificially caused antigen.
But sadly we Non-Vaccinated people are becoming reduced to small clusters of people, but our natural immune system that secretes antigens to succesfuly defeat all pathogens, which we inherited genetically from humanity is still the best means for humanity's survival.
Without a vaccine, my grandmother Vira, as a child survived along with countless scores of people, the 1918 deadly pandemic AKA the Spanish/Kansas Flu, thanks to the free and efficient natural immune system of T- cells, limphocites, etc.
Ask why Sahim- Tureci don't allow the state or medical authorities to compell him not to endanger others and to force him to get injected his own invented Biontech-Phyzer vaccine but he will tell you his permanent endless excuse, " I am not legally allow to take the vaccine for the moment..."
The moment means few seconds, few hours, few days and not two or more years.
As a Matter of fact Sahim- Tureci instead of proudly giving the example of getting vaccinated with their invented sarscovid2 vaccine, publicly, they have continued to refuse for 2 years to get vaccinated and they will never allow themselves to become vaccinate, while their fabricated vaccine is post- vaccine hurting and killing vaccinated people, who now are addicted to annual booster shots like pacmen or drug addicts.
Drug addicts are dependent on continuing to consume forbidden chemicals like morphine, but sahim-Tureci's chemical is no different, because it alters and destroys your body's natural immune defenses and like drug addicts, soonerbor latee the addicting morphine stops working and kills you in a short time like Aztraseneca's/ blood clothing vaccines which have killed post vaccinated people, hence the vaccine poses deadly threat than beneficial!
But human flaw and saturation media causing endless herd panic, doesn't allow them to think, reflect and analyze and decide to stop the Sahim- Tureci  politically rushed pseudo vaccines.
Time and the fact will show why Sahim- Tureci, the vaccine inventors, decided to be Non- vaccinated people!
Until then how many millions or billions of vaccinated people shall  prematurely loose their lives unjustly, like Astrazeneca's Vaxzevria vaccinated blood clothing victims?

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