Indonesia is our future global reality we can't hide from!

Indonesia is our future global reality we can't hide from!
          By Domi Manani
It's not fair Dutch colonialist extractive exploitation marked Indonesians and their coastal cities to sink.
Dutch love the deadly business of oil, and western oil corporations bunched up at BlackRock are making not only indonesian future deadlier and hopeless with OilCarbonGas pandemic for Humanity and particularly for Indonesians.
Everybody needs sanitary water delivered by piping. But growing indonesian population needs more piped water, and with it, Jakarta's sea bed adversely affects indonesian coastal cities, including Jakarta, their capital. With their limited resources, Indonesian do their best, but the sea bed keep sinking at close to half a meter a year and so they keep loosing their homes, which keep sinking and needed to fish, they need to live coastal and come Paris Agreement deceptive year to have abrogated Oilcar onGas Pandemic, and vokuntarism having failed as its continuing to fail this early 2021 year, most of indonesia, particularly Jakarta will have sunk in the water and where will so many millions of innocent moneyless and farmless indonesians will live?
Some western ostrich minded people say, in boats.
How many people can you house ratio bc ally in boats?
A few thousand but where will over 50 million indonesians live, farm and fish to make a living and earn with the sweat of their labor, whem there is no more most of indonesia and there are no jobs, and amid covid pandemic, frequent earthquakes over 6 Richter scale, compounded with serious frequent volcano eruptions, indonesians will be drownning in deadly organic dust till they are genocided in the mist of a Dantesk inferno/hell.
And the few survivirs becining extinct by being gased to extinction along with the rest of humanity as these same oil corporations ( Shell, Standard oil, etc) who financed Adolf to power and gased 6 million innocent europeans who refused to war against other humans.
Instead of waitng to be deceived and gased to death and extinction, for our childrennand grandchildren we have to peacefully block oil refineries, etc to stop human genocide rather than being genocided inside our guzzler oil cars.
I stopped driving since 1990, if every driver uses bikes like me, then BlackRock can't sell a single gallon of deadly gasoline, etc and needy for money will have to switch to solar& vegan economy and our children and grandchildren will not curse us for being cowards but having peacefullt blocked the oul refineries, coal mines, fracking gas platforms, because solar and vegan economy will give them a future if we start civil Disobedience now and not too little too late!

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