Irresponsible corporatists corporations endanger humans?

Irresponsibly Corporatist gas corporations endanger humans?

The problem of toxic contamination injuriing residents is common problem, globally.
The Oil& gassing corporations attempt to continue silencing people from peacefully  protesting in disagreement with irresponsible gas corporations.
This gassing costs people to suffer from life threatening  health conditions like Asma, learning cognitive neurological disabilities, cardiovascular illnesses, etc, caused by arsenic, lead, etc
So Cal evaded & hid to avoid from answering for decades of gasing people at West Ventura, Ca. And acting through proxy, threatened people to be silent about their West Ventura's leaking gas compressor, seemingly to hide the levels of arsenic, lead contamination to thousands of residents.
So Cal continues to secretly seeking permits to expand from 3 to at least 6 turbines of compressor.
6 turbines would cause another Porter Ranch high toxic area, this time for countless West Ventura residents& their helpless children!

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