irresponsible govs are exposing you to deadliest 3rd wave of covid!

Irresponsible govs are exposing you to deadiest 3rd wave of covid!

Most countries, incluiding Europe, to avoid loosing millions of their citizens infected and dead, are sacrificing their PIB growth and closing their borders.
They are closing their borders are to decrease sarscovid2 infection  rates by multiple mutating highly infectious pandemics and by countless asymtomatic carriers& emigrants.
But thereare some deaf, mute and blind govs who refuse to hear the requests of experts to close temporarily their borders, because they are irresponsible economists who care not for their citizens health and lives. These irresponsible economists are obessed-compulsive money greedy individuals whose political interest is PIB or GDP growth that excludes in their economic mistaken model, the real costs of lives, flora, fauna, biodiversity and quality of life.
Mallku Felipe Campos asked Mesa, Morales, Anez&Arce to stop burning& traiding arsoed lands for votes, stop feminicides, stop transgenic flora& fauna, abrogate Latifundio but none of them listened and their govs fell off power. On Dec2 2019, Mallku Felipe asked Anez the above and more importantly to close the borders to stop sarscovid2 and Anez got mad and ordered Mallku Felipe to be kept exiled& caused countless citizens to die unnecessarily by sarscovid2, besides killing over 36 indigenous, wounding over 500 and politically persecuting over 1500 of them for no other reason of being indigenous& dissenters to her dictatorship.
Mallku Felipe Campos requested  to L Arce gov on Dec 5 2020 to close the borders and quarentine Bolivians, the answer of the rookie economist was with no process to keep him exiled, refused to have an indigenous cabinet& kept burning flora, fauna& the future of Bolivians, today he is burned his political capital& is in shaky ground besides of blindly imposing vaccination policy by deadly aztraseneca/Vaxzevria pseudovaccines that are banned and his almost halfa year refusal to close the borders and impose covid reactive tests to tourists and emigrants.
As a result of his incompetent refusal policy to close all borders and allowing latifundio cattlemen death marriage parties in Brazil, countles returning citizens brought and are dying victims of Brazilian deadly pandemic virus in Half of the Eastern borders states of Bolivia this global third pandemic is not only going to kill with its high ifectious and deadly sting, countless scores of indigenous, break the sanitary system but compounded with unstability and growing polarization, cause cabinet crisis and civil revolts on the streets.
We advised vaccinated and unvaccinated people to keep using frequent desinfectant hand wash, double covid masks and social distance.
Whoever has eyes, see whoever has ears, listen, because life is frail and brief and you should not expose your family and yourself to shorten your life with unsafe vaccines, but if you already vaccinated yourself, at least keep your covid guard on, because if you die, your orphans & widows without you, will suffer& curse you for being absent when they most need you.
This blood disease needs not politically rushed unsafe pseudo- vaccines but survivors blood plasma medical cure. Russian scientists are using survivors hemoglobulin to find and offer you a cure thst may stop multiple covid pandemics.
It may be for your own good to wait vaccination until this new medical cure and treatment reaches you!
only time& the results will tell you if it's the one you may need.
My family are survivors of sarscovid2 and as scores of Non- vaccinated people, with covid gear prevention, we expect to keep healthy and live without vaccines as our grandparents who without a vaccine survived the deadly spanish/Kansas pandemic flu of 1918!
How I miss their medical wisdom!

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