Just because you EU say so...

Just bc you EU say so, genocider senator J Anez should be released?
       By Domi Mamani
Just because you EU say so, the people of Bolivia should not bow down to you.
Because senator Jeanine Anez was at the end of the line to succeed the president!

Senator Anez and her armed coup makers caused 2 congressmen presidents and two fist VP congressmen to resign, to save their hostaged, tortured or death threatened relatives
And coercion to cause resignations is not saving democracy nor is a De-legale state but a fascist act by senator Anez and her armed co- coup makers.

Just because you European parlament members say  so, Anez had an alleged right to succeed the president, her unconstitutional vio-lation not to allow congressional 2/3 majority vote one of their indigenous  congressmen, you condoned an unconstitutional succession by a pittiful senator Anez who didn't have but a few votes in congress and as global democratic reality shows, democracy is the rule of 50 plus one in all countries, and indigenous MAS congressmen being 2/3 of democratic majority had all the right to elect one of their own as the democratic congressional rules order it.

Just because you european parlament say so& allege Anez had the right to self proclaim as president, it doesn't make it constitutional succession but shocking constitutional violations: cobspiracy, sedition& terrorism! Bec she self proclaim to avoid congressional democratic 2/3 majority from voting her down and put an end to your co-coup making along with Romerica and your armed terrorist military and sedicious bolivian police in Nov 2019.

Just because  you EU say so there was no coup nor genocides, yet compelling evidence shows self proclaimed senator Anez signed an indigenous genocide decree #4078& ordered her co-sedicious military, police& paramilitary to genocide in Sacaba & Senkata, it doesn't make it constitutional nor legal act for a sitting senator-Dictator! Because the Nuremberg trial against notzees forbids genocide as crimes against humanity and Anez committed genocides in small scale, hence she deserves to be trialed as any genocider but ny you demanding to release her inconditionally you are not only condoning crimes against humanity but setting the precedent for future coup makers to continue committing genocides of indigenous victims for the third millenium.
Or are you forgetting it was european christian colonialists who considered indigenous to be animals without a soul and let Almagro, Pizarro, Hernan Cortez, Pedro de Alvarado, english settlers, Andrew Jackson W Custer... to genocide and steal their continent &wealth but even at the present, why you white europeans continue your christianRacism and empower white genociders like Anez to commit genocides with your granted immunity and impunitty and your local european union members in Bolivia? And now you forget indigenoua victims and demand Anez genocider to be released unconditionally under threat of severe economic sanctions against Bolivia, as you did against Venezuela?
Why don't you save yourself time to genocide us at once?
Ops, reality compellingly shows You EU and Romerica..
are already genociding us by gasing us to death and extinction by carbon tax & by increasing 20X your irreversible genocidal Greenhouse gases until 2050!

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