Too little too late Arce particially abrogates Transgenics but not good enough on Mother Earth's Day!

Too little too late L Arce partially abrogates transgenics but not good enough on Mother Earth's Day!     
 By Domi             Mamani

Arce you begin to listen but you need to act to save unnecessary famine& drought, chronic illness death to the people!
Since before Nov 10th 2020, we requested go Luis Arce to abrogate arsoning our children's matrimony forests, stop arsoned-selling lands for votes or for money, abrogate all Anez' transgenic decree laws. On Dec 5th 2020, Exiled Dr Felipe Campos forewarned and requested Arce to stop feminicides& abrogate SouthEastern Latifundio and close all borders& declare 1 year quarentine to preempt Covid& countless mutating Pandemic viruses. Failure to 1 year quarentine may not only cause the dooming of your government due to massive pandemic deaths but Bolivia's future& you must govern by yourself and keep Evo bygone because, he and Camacho, Mesa,VillaReyes& Ivan Arias will push us into the abyss of violence and civil war; and you must enact policy to ban importing luxery commodities& ban agrotoxics/biofuels& preserve the RIN reserves and gold at the BCB and tepatriate all gold to Bolivia.
Half a year is past since Mallku Felipe Campos requests,  with Arce's decision to keep exiling him and his erroneus refusal to close the borders and quarentine Bolivia for a Year and now Boliviabis home to deadly& highly contagious British mutated pandemic virus, Brazil's highly infectious mutated pandemics, etc
And there is nowhere in the globe, a vaccine that can protect you lifetime against all mutated Pandemic viruses and there will never be. As a result of Arce's policies Bolivia's sanitary system is about to colapse& there are over a million pandemic infected Bolivians& mas DDT ive deads are about to happen in this 3rd wave of pandemics invasion, globally and particularly in Bolivia.
Today Mother earth's day, a bit late but Arce is listened and enacted his own decree #4490, abrogating 3 Anez's deadly transhenic decrees 4232, 4238,4348 but still needs to ban transgenic decrees of transgenic soy, sorgo, sugar cane, cotton, potatoes, etc which are used in climate destructive agrofuels,& needs to abrogate subsidiez to agrofuels enriching JudasCroatLatifundists separatists!
And needs to stop his ministers from selling State lands to Latifundists like Branko Marinkovic...
Should you fail to abrogate all transgenic agrofuels in Bolivia and stop subsidizing agrofuels and stop importing luxery commodities, you will exhaust your scarse RIN reserves and gold and with it Bolivian money will devaluate, inflation rise over 25%, unemployment rise to 30% and as a consequence of burning forests, Bolivia will experience severe drought and drinking water and irrigating water will be extremely scarce and superexpensive and prohibitive for most people and famine and permanent drought with multiple dry hidroelectric dams and plants will be the reality and famine will be widespread.
You need to enforce strictly from your gov officials to the people, double antocovid masks/ barbijos, washing hands with desinfectants and 3 mts social distance, to mitigate the high rates of mutated pandemic viruses!
I repeat Dr Felipe Campos forewarning of Dec 5th 2020 to you:
Close all borders and quarentine Bolivia till December 2021 because you got no Antigen booster shots for 12 million people and any significant economic growth gain is never going to compensate bankrrupting Bolivia due to arsoning forests( that cost evo lose the presidency by coup), and covid19 and countless mutated pandemic viruses and masfive deaths of Bolivians.
If you have ears listen. If you have eyes see and if you got a brain, act, close all borders immediatelly and quarentine Bolivia till Dec 5th and sent evo into retirement to farm his latifundio and enjoy hus capitalism and jeep his drunken rethoric for himself while he drinks alone because his thryroid and throat cancers are flaring up and he us living in borrowed time because recurrent cancers do not doscriminate nor forbid!
As for hypochondriac, megalomanic psychotic and bipolar Jeanine Anez, she is not ill but in her mind and all he needs for her urinary tract infection is regular clyndamicin antibiotic prescripcion and confess her genocidal crimes of Sacaba and her coup cohort nun Amparo Carbajal and neither of them qualifies for the Nobel peace price for there are women climate defenders and women rights defenders who trully deserve the Nobel and a trial, sentence abd serving in jail to Anez and Carbajal, because their true reason for getting ill is their guilty conscience f oi r the murder of over 36 innocent unarmed Indigenous climate defenders, over 600 wounded and over 1600 hundreed politically persecuted people and countless exilees caused by them!

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