Late April or Black November in Bolivia?

Late April or Black November in Bolivia?
       By Domi Mamani
Most underdeveloped countries& developing countries not only in our American continent but globally are 2 bands of people: manipulates extreme right wing vs center right, becausr it doesn't exist a socialist party reforming the economic structure!
Bolivia is typical of these 2 political tendencies.
Recently 2019 Coup Makers who caused over 36 genocided people, over 600 wounded and over 1600 persecuted political victims, were arrested and sre waiting their public trials while in custody.
The racist extreme right wing nozees who signed genocide by Decree 4078, and killed unarmed peaceful and innocent maerica- Bolivian indigenous climate defenders, cried to their employer uncle Sam and believe they are above the law, continue manipulating external & internal media to allege, "can't imprison a woman, Jeanine Anez for pagan indians. Release her"
But that woman for whom foreign and domestic extrene right wing  arsobist latifundio- cattlemen want to unleash another Coup D'etat as the 2019 Coup, forget " what you've sown, you harvest. Matter of fact Jeanine Anez was the dictator who imposed a state of terror in Bolivia, but as all incorregible unrepentant criminals, Anez alleges he saved Bolivia by means of her imposing with military and police, a state of terror, she chose to call " saving Democracy"
But it wasn't saving Democracy nor saving Bolivia, but a corrupt State Terror gov, headed by her.
Now the matter is if moderate center right MAS people will be able tobegin trials for all the 2019 genocidets of the people of Bolivia  or if her extreme right wing cohort politicians, C Mesa, LF Camacho...etc are getting the Coup D'etat funds they need, to buy out enough military& police comanders to unleash another of the countless coups, they right wing is caused mostly unpunished.
There just arrived news that  President Arce has concentrated a quarter million people who agree with him, to begin judicial trials of the 2019's genociders at Sacaba and Senkata!
The extreme right wing commitee who travelled to see their foreign employer to getbfunds for their Late April or Black No ember Coup, will come back in the following days andbtime and the facts will show us what is going to happen in Bolivia.

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