Rojas Mamani vs Sanchez de Lozada& Sanchez Berzain!

Rojas Mamani vs Sanchez de Lozada& Sanchez Berzain

It's been little less than 2 decades of legal work by our humanity's defenders of Human rights of The Center4 Constitutional rights, Harvard university human rights Network clinic; Gump, Strauss& Feld LLP;Schonbrun, Seplow, Harriss& Hoffman LLP
And the living relatives of scores of unarmed, peaceful indigenous victims of low intensity genocide's victims during Black Octuber/gaswar in Bolivia, AKA, Mamani v Sanchez De Lozada& Sanchez Berzain. 
Under the Amendment for Victims of torture survivors/TVTPA.
10 million dollar verdict reinstated by Trial court, leaves pending the legal claim/cause for wrongul deaths ordered by the Appelate court, because biased US trial District court exceeded its discretion in the first trial.
I Domitila Mamani M, am not a plaintiff or party to the above verdict, but a simple Mamani. A Mamani descendant of legendary& historic hero Of the Unjust Pacific war of 1879's victim, Bugoist Mamani/Corneta Mamani, who was calling reinforcements to counter attack ambushing coward chilean troops, died mounted on a cannon while calling for a counter attack.
I lost my 8 year innocent niece, Marlene, cowardly shot by the military who shot at the window, assassinating my 8 year niece. 
Over and over heard Sanchez De Lozada's and Sanchez Berzain's lawyers and their false, malicious made up excuses that their armed military was fighting dangerous armed seditious protestors who were a danger to them.
Danger to firing tanks and armed military troops shooting with assault rifles to scores of freightened, fleeing, hiding and farm plowing indigenous unarmed people who were shot to death, including a soldier who refused to shoot his indigenous unarmed kindred?
The military faced no threat from their unarmed victims!
This civil USDC verdict opens for the first time in our American continent and the world, the gates of justice against Human rights violations&countless human rights crimes that were happening before and specially after the creation of lynch mob- OAS interventions in our American continent, Defacto Dictators or sotting presidents, who were immune and impune. Meaning, the military commanders and their  ring masters that were untouchable! 
This verdict known as Mamani v G Sanchez de Lozada& C Sanchez Berzain,  sets the legal precendent, to hold accountable human rights violators, specially master minds like both Sanchez.
The key part that human rights advocates ask is: will the current Bolivian Gov, stop talking and request extradiction of both Human right violators, to be extradicted and stand trial and sentenced by Bolivians and serve their time in prison?
If both were extradicted and judged, sentenced& serve inChonchocoro prison as convicted Mesa Tejada-ArceGomez, it would constitute a deterrence to military violations of human rights, crimes against Humanity& be a estabilizing factor of the frail Bolivian democracy, which after 40 years of frail democracy, was broken by an Anez civil-military Coup D'etat that produced genocide by decree 4078 in Sacaba and Senkata of more than 36, over 500 wounded and over 1600 politically persecuted indigenous and acores of innocent exiles like Mallku Felipe Campos, whose crime was to ask Anez Dictator a sarscovid2 quarentine, stop feminicides, stop arsoning millenarian forests and abrogating Latifundio& transgenics in Bolivia!

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