Master manipulator J Anez expects& demands unconditional release! (PartII)

Master manipulator J Anez expects& demands unconditional release! (PartII)
    By Domitila Mamani

Jeanine Anez has had narco links at Santa Ana del Yucuma and Trinidad for transportation and exporting it to the EU through Brazil.
During her dictatorship, she had her Gov ministers A Murillo and LF Lopez, who gave her protection to increase her narcolinks. But after MAS  won elections & returned to power, her immunity and impunity for her narco links and genocide acts at Sacaba and Senkata...were gone! But neurotic and megalomaniac Jeanine Anez refused to flee along with  A Murillo and Lopez and taking for granted no one would touch or prosecute her for the above crimes she committed, she went back to Trinidad, Beni and shortly after run for office but lost miserably and she continued her narcolinks with international peruvian, brazilian and paraguayans but suddenly all came to a screetchig halt when in the heat of the night, at the wee hours of the morning, Castillo and his policemen entered in one of her extended family's house.
Lawyer by trade Jeanine barked vociferously for them to leave and desist from arresting her, but they were armed with penal court documents to enter and arrest her for conspiracy, sedition and terrorism as a senator.
Neurotic she intimidated them, "A constitutionally elected president can't be arrested like a common criminal. I am a former president and only if 2/3 of congress vote for a responsibility trial against me and since MAS has no 2/3, I can't be arrested, arraigned or trialed, so get out"
Any senator can be charged& trialed without a trial of responsbility for sitting presidents and JC Del Castillo had the court papers and ordered her arrest in fulfillment of the penal court order.
Arrested and flown to La Paz city, neurotic Anez continued bullying her captors and shortly after booking her for the above charges, unlike her who kept thousands incominicado a d without a cess to annattorney, the Arce constitutional gov leadingbavstate of rights, granted her all legal rights plus granted her priviledges and Anez took advantage of it by summoning her personal lawyer immediatelly and before the  court asked for dismissal of the charges during a public hearing before media, etc, but the regular penal court denied it and arraigned her and remanded her into custody to wait for her trial date.
Like all countries penitenciaries, telephones znd computers sre not allwed to prisoners to deter crimes, but the Arce democratic gov hranted her high priviledges and access to social media.
Jeanine unwilling to see the reality, neurotically began tweeting to her frequent tweets to mercenary civil contractors within and without Bolivia.
Soon her global employer acting by proxy, moved the strings of main media and the Society of interamerican press/SIP within the OAS, plush HRW, Almagro the secretary gral, ofbthe OAS, etc, to tend to her complaints of alleged human rights violation and alleged lawfare.
Personally she received the CIDH commitee in her new cell, equipped with state of the art medical equipment at Obrajes State penitenciary and to her dismay the CIDH investigating members concluded they couldn't find said violations and lawfare.
Megalomaniac Anez, continued to tweet from the obrajes penitenciary and the National media in Bolivia took het tweets as the word of god and magnified them, seeking to cause a massive uprising for Jeanine Anez, the alleged savior of Bolivian democracy.
But to her dismay her genocide victims families began to speak of the terror and inhuman violations of human rights, their spouses and sons suffered under Anez dictatorship and beyong the headlines, people in Bolivia began to march and chant, "Justice for Sacaba and Senkata Anez' genocide victims"
But unwilling to listen, neurotic and megalomaniac, Anez continued her campaign for her release by feigning severe health illneses but every time the penitenciary doctors were able to provide her medical needs, she exaggerated her heart problem and mania for depression, e en as the state penitenciary provided timely and proper medical care. But Jeanine kept fabricating exaggerations and got her global employer to contact president Arce, via JM Vivanco from HRW, L Almagro from OAS and lately a political pac travelled on her behalf to Washinghton DC and they got their global employer to assist them financially with the preparations and costs of arming of an upcoming coup and Almagro ordered a comission to investigate and send their report to the court of the CIDH. But the cobstitutional
Arce gov denounced it as a violation of the OAS charter, which forbids political and military injerencia/interference/Intervention in the domestic affairs of the sovereign State of Bolivia.
Undeterred Anez keeps directing along her 2019 Coup maker cohorts, by sending and receiving messages from them through Amparo Carbajal a FrancoFascist former nun, etc.
Recently Jeanine enjoying her high privileges no one else gets but her, complained through her tweets of allegedly being at the gates of death by being denied treatment for a urethra infection and Taquicardia and demanded to save her life by interning her in an outside clinic of her choice, rather than the regular penitenciary for all criminals and suspects.
This caused media exaggeration and Arce yielded and was a out to grant whatever she asks, but families of over 36 genocided indigenous climate  defenders and over 600 wounded and permanently incapacitated victims and over 1600 tortured and persecuted victims and scores of exilee families during Anez Dictatorship, voiced demanding " Justice for the victims", and the penal court handling the Anez penal trial, ordered the medical chief of the penitenciary to hear and mediate before Anez's personal doctor to present the reasons why Anez and him believe only a clinic of her choice can save her life and treat jer medically.
The hearing went forward on behalf of Anez by order of the trial judge and concluded, Anez was not at the gates of death and that doctors at the penitenciary can treat her illnesses efficiently in the penitenciary under the personal supervision of Anez' personal doctor.
Anez personal doctor didn't like the resolution and threw a tantrum and walked out and failed to go to the penitenciary to supervise her treatment, leging later, he didn't go to the penitenciary because they dix not grant Anez and his demand to transfer her to an outside clinic of her choice.
The resolution was accepted by the court and Dr Felipe Campos examined the verbatim resolution and her illnesses and concluded, clyndamicin antibiotic can clear her ordinary non-life threatening urethra infection and regular medical examinations and EKG tests and regular medication for taquicardia can normalize it.
The problem with Anez comes from her tragic self destructive actions, which produce her depressions which are also treated by regular psychiatric medications, a precobdition she had before becoming dictator and felon of involved in conspiracy, sedition a d terrorism agaibst the State of Bolivia as a senator and crimes against humanity, etc!
The truth of the matter is, there are countless millions who receive regular treatment for these Non-life threatening illnesses on an ambulatory basis and don't need to be interned into a clinic, reason why the resolucion was accepted by the court.
But Jeanine is inducing herself high levels of stress and given the case she is still involved with the preparation of a coup, similar to the one she sucessfully executed during Black November 2019 and keeps her narcolinks to Santa Ana del Yucuma and Trinidad, she is  in a circular motion of autodestruction, aimed at manipulating her foes into releasing her inconditionally despite the overwhelming evidence for multiple crimes Anez along her racist gov cabinet committed in 11 months of dictatorship, like signing genocide by decree 4078, ordering genocide at Sacaba, Senkata, etc!
Her fugitive but free crime accomplice Arturo Murillo has written to her, "Animo amiga, no desmayes/Cheer up my friend don't dismay"
Anez had her chance to escape to her employer's villas with countless rooms, like Goni Sanchez and Arturo Murillo but according to her friends and foes, she is sown racism, genocide, narcolinks and torture and she is harvesting what she is sown!
Karma never leaves you! Yesterday during her dictatorship, Anez for no reason but racism, incarcerated Patricia Hermosa for being Evo Morales Attorney and former minister- secretary to Morales. Hermosa was arbitrarily arrested despite being a pregnant woman, who also plead for due process and requested interning her into a neonatal ward& obstetrics for her incoming baby, Anez and Murillo kept ordering denyal of medical care and by this denyal caused her to suffer the dead of her innocent baby. As she bled in a pool of blood and plead for help, they refused it.
Not only was Patricia tortured psychologically but physically. And Anez ordered Murillo. And Murillo accused her of committing abortion. 
Callously turning over the truth accused her of comitting abortion. A blatent lie against their victim!
Most of Anez victims are still incapacitated and unable to care for themselves after nearly a year of incarceration, torture and gross human 
rights violations without any trial, without any charge.
Today Anez paints herself a holly biblical saint calling herself victim of human rights violations, when in fact, she is the only one receiving high privileges on the account she is a civil contractor for the global employer. Privileges no one else receives such as irrestricted and free access to her personal doctor, countless visitors, phones, social media, etc,
Anez isn't scare of the international narco rings she has links with in Santa Ana del Yucuma, which is a land where narcotrafic knows no state and is undeterred and there have been shoot outs and massive deaths in clandestine airstrips inside latifundio Haciendas and the fallen include international brazilian comercial pilots and national pilots and the populace protects and liberated arrested cartel men.
Sadly Jeanine Anez lives a life of lies, autovictimizes herself and expects her unconditional release.
Don't countless innocent climate defense victims, orphans and widows and incapacitated wounded people and exiled victims, deserve justice now?

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