Pax Romana...

Open letter to Jose Fuentes  
Re: Pax Romana of pacification
Your thesis is Anez along with CEB and the people of Bolivia led the people to pacificacion since Black November 12th 2019 and that she is the victim of persecution and must be released unconditionally and looking forward and not back, is the way to lasting a lasting Pax Romana for Bolivians.
I disagree because you are selling indulgences to people who committed HR violations and multiple penal crimes, among sedition, multiple genocide and crimes against humanity and must be hold accountable for their multiple crimes according to the Lay State's CPE and penal laws.
Vicariously you chose the lying narrativa to forget her crimes and allege Anez is the crying Mary Magdalene who is being victimized by pagan indigenous men's made laws and that the coup is an imaginary coup, that she was coerced to become president of Bolivia
Those are your pious lies!
The facts show Anez colluded with dark lynch mobster OAS' secretary L Almagro, to report there was a Morales election fraud.
A made up election fraud which triggered the coup to unfold on Nov 10th 2021!
On nov 11 your CEB envoy, along with co- sediciosos Mesa, DM, Albarracin, Tuto Quiroga coerced Adriana Salvatierra to resign her presidential succesion in exchange to spare Evo-GL lives into exile in Mexico.
Anez paramilitary had kidnapped and tortured relatives of both presidents of congress and burned houses of both vicepresidents of congress for the purpose to cause the habilitation of herself as the presidential successor.
On the morning of nov 12th 2021 Anez & her co-sediciosos wanted to have congress accept the resignation of Evo- GL and that congress/ assambly, to vote for or against Anez but place the presidential sash on Anez. They agreed to have congress call on the same afternoon by 4Pm
But double dealing that afternoon Anez was to order the military and police& her armed paramilitary to block and not allow 2/3 MAS assambly members enter their blocked Assambly building but Anez only allowed her few sedicious assambly members enter and before these few assambly members, Anez asked to be appointed president of the senate and president of Bolivia.
But MAS scretary of the senate  by myracle had entered the Assambly building/congress, opposed and denounced there was no quorum to meet nor to vote Anez in, as senate president, least for Bolivia's president 
and sentenced the meeting was unconstitutional and ilegal and asked to close it.
Reluctantly Anez closed it without having any right to both presidencies.
From 4pm to few minutes before 6pm, Employer of civil contractors Erick Foronda ordered Tuto Quiroga and Anez to act, because the coup would fail if Anez didn't take the oath as president. Anez had the commander of the Armed forces and police and assambly members, put the sash on her. Unless Anez invoked right to presidential sucession, she would be done for!
Anez  took less than two minutes in autoprocliaming herself Senate president in absence of a quorum.
Then ordered her co- conspirator military and police commanders to proceed. The Armed forces comander put the presidential sash on Anez& before their controlled media, Anez took 5 minutes to autoproclaim herself the president of Bolivia!
The coup was consumated!
But evading the word " coup D'etat"  they lied and called it presidential succession!
It was no constitutional presidential succession! Because Anez was not voted in  as W Guevara& lydia  Gueiler by congress or by 51% majority of the people , hence Anez is a Defacto president.
She needed to break the people's opposition to her Defacto presidency.
Having Garcia-Arce gomez con icted and serving 30 year sentences for their crimes, the commanders demanded immunity and impunity to avoid being prosecuted  as Garcia- Arce Gomez! Foronda& Tuto Quiroga ordered Anez to sign the genocide decree 4078! Once her military, police and paramilitary were benefitted with the immunity and impunity decree, they genocided in Sacaba and Senkata over 36& over 500 wounded and over 1600 persecuted indigenous and with it your co- accomplice Anez consolidated her ditatorship!
Then rather than call for immediate elections, she  didn't allow TSE to be part of the OAS auditing unit& removed unconstitutionally the TSE authorities and ordered  some of them arrested and incarcerated for alleged election fraud agaibst Mesa.
Then Foronda and T Quiroga ordered her to coerce the TCP to give her some legal face to her government. Coerced TCP gave them unconstitutionally a comunique!
To any constitutionalegal scholar, a comunique holds no legal authority but is a deception of legality.
Dutch gov educated Felipe Campos& Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze among many, agree the 2 autoproclamations of Anez do not make her a constitutional succession president nor the TCP communique makes her the president or gives her constitutional face, she is still a dictator and subjected to legal processes for violating the Constitution, congress and the People of Bolivia!
Worst, the audits of CLACSO& MIT University, proved there was no fraud but an implicit act by OAS secretary's Almagro, who fugdes of election data to arrive to a conclusion of election irregularities!
Worst for you Jose Fuentes: the 2 Mesa elections' losses in a row, show the same pattern of defeat: MAS indigenous party won with Evo and MAS won with a little known man, Luis Arce the presidential elections and Mesa lost 29% to 51.10% Arce without a secobd round of elections!
You  Jose Fuentes, allege Anez a crying& depressed  white Magdalena is a victim of pagan indigenous men's abuse.
But look at who violated the CPE, Congress and the will of the majority of the people: Jeanine Anez!
Who ordered repettituve small scale genocide of unarmed indigenous men en Sacaba and Senkata: J Anez!
Who is white bible thumping, for whom USA and EU media talk and economically press Bolivia: Jeanine Anez!
Who gets a private medically equippped room with the state of the art medical machines, food from her own family, endless visits and high privileges that nobody gets: Jeanine Anez!
Who gets ona short notice, an OAS investigating commitee verify her real conditions in the Miraflores jail: Jeanine Anez!
Who your neocolonist catholic church calls victim and demands to forget Anez victims and release her from Miraflores jail: Jeanine Anez!
It's eternal racism from your neocolonialist latifundist catholic church to demand current president Arce, not to trial Anez.
And what about  justice for Anez's indigenous innocent victims, the widows and starving orphans call for justice?
They are  not people to you and your church but pagan animals, in your racist views and policies.
Have you forgotten Jesus said, " whoever makes the little ones suffer, better be they tie a rock around their own necks, then plunge into the water"
If you and Anez still are bible thumbers, what are you waiting for in not plunging into the water?
Ah, you are not what you allege you are but a robed politician who does not believe in the bible, when its contrary to your interests!
Your call for pacification is no more than a petition of immunity and impunity for Anez and yourselves co- participants of Black Nov 2019
And instead of you speaking throuh both ends of your mouth& acting self righteous and self serving racists, know yourselves!  Indigenous American Bolivians have brains and see your narrative of making Anez the genocider and autoproclamating dictator, a white victim,  you are no longer believable, because the victims' widows& orphans, have learned to differentiate vicarious liars from humble true tellers:
Good trees give fruits and good persons produce good deeds
And you, Anez and her military, police& paramilitary commanders,are not good persons but genociders and as such you must be processed and lay on the bed you made for youselves!
Because humans and god tells you, "Clear away, makers of evil and burn in hell where you belong" 
Because your Pax Romana was violent and deathly for so many innocents!
Your Pax Romana was no pacification but death of innocent children of god during Black Nov 2021!
Domitila Mamani M
April 3 2021

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