Pseudo vaccines or blood serum treatment is best for you...

Pseudo vaccines or blood serum treatment is best for you to keep you alive& well?

People with pre-existing renal, cancerous& other serious pre-existing medical conditions, must understand and their gov must understand, they have an immunity deficiency which compounded with any sarscovid2 vaccine is likely to kill them!
Germany is banned vaccinating people with pre-medical existing health problems, along with multiple european countries!
UK has vaccinated with Aztraseneca/VaxZevria pseudo- vaccines to senior citizens and vaccinated people 16/10k died as a consequence of BLOOD CLOTHS After being injected with pseudo-vaccine vaxzevria!
Over 16/10K German young people died of bloth cloths caused by Vaxzevria and now the German State is banned Vaxzevria in Germany, because it produces brain strokes due to blood cloths caused by Vaxzevria pseudo vaccine produced by English- sweedish-OxfordUniversity pharmaceutical.
Banned in multiple european countries, money hungry owners of this unsafe vaccine ha e resorted to inject to underdeveloped desperate countries seeking vaccines. These desperate poor people are being used as living human guineapigs, missused by Vaxzevria to flip over their bad deadly name Astraseneca for Vaxzevria. These pharmaceutical corporatists cold heartedly calculate, if the deads of poor people are below 16/10k, then they will have succeeded in fabricating a new name and safe vaccine, to come back to the EU and USA and make multi-billion profit, selling them vaxzevria.
To these poor countries, incluiding Bolivia, advise them not to risk and kill their own people with Aztraseneca/Vaxzeria vaccines, because they kill people producing them brain strokes due to blood cloths cause by this unsafe vaccine, even if its a Covaxfree vaccine!
Wecretiredvacademicians in multiple fields, have theorized sarscovid2 is a human lab man made replicating mrna virus causes a deadly blood disease. The cure must come from this blood research by creating an all good and permanent safe vaccine that cures the blood disease, because the lung disease is a secondary symptom.
Russian scientist are closer than other nationals, in researching and finding a permanent cure to this blood illness and in their ongoing research have created a blood plasma therapy as a medical treatment to fight successfully against sarscovid2 with a blood serum medical treatment instead of these unsafe politically rushed sarscovid2 vaccines.
Please educate yourselves, with following news clips
about it!

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