School of the Americas' & NED's products....

School of the Americas' & NED's products: Manfred Reyes Villa&Jhanisse Vaca Daza (Part 1)
        By Domi Mamani
Reyes villa, son of  co-mastermind Coup D'etat maker, Gral Armando Reyes Villa, during the infamous& deadly Black July
1980 coup, was handpicked by his father& Garcia Mesa& the Greengrass chief of the military mission in Bolivia in detriment of more senior and experienced officers, he was sent to the famous/infamous military School of the Americas in 1976 to study military inteligence and after a few months came back to Bolivia and was named the valedectorian for his promotion of Second Lieutenants 1976.
In1980 prior to his father's co-Coup, military inteligence under his father's and Garcia Mesa's trusted
Chief of intelligence Arce Gomez, jesuit father Luis Espinal Campos was kidnapped&tortured to death, right after Marcelo Quiroga SC announced he would ask congress for a penal trial against former dictator Banzer's inner circle.
That Black 1980, Espinal and Quiroga were assassinated and accompanied by army commander Garcia Mesa, the commander in chuef of the Armed forces Armando Reyes Villa, who handed Lydia Geueilert her  resignation letter and she was coerced under threat of torture and death, to resign.
And she resigned!
L Garcia Mesa, surrounded by his inner circle, including Armando, became Defacto narcoPresident& countless innocent people, were tortured & exiled, among them young Mallku Felipe Campos.
Chief of /
the Armed forces Armando Reyes Villa ensured Manfred was among the rewarded officers being elevated in rank, following their successful coup.
Indigenous Mallku Felipe Campos was a jack of all trades and one day both run into each other, but still suffering PTSD& Mallku Felipe was unable to recognize Manfred but only uesrs later in 2009 he would recognize Manfred Reyes Villa, when the latter would become Cochabamba's Prefect/Governor.
But back in the 80's after Capt Manfred RV resigned, he was in RomeAmerica, belting out a MBA degree and then selling real estate, and then Manfred went back to Cochabamba. But in 2009, when in RomeAmerica Dr Felipe Campos as a University faculty member of one of the many RomeAmerican Universities, arrived exhausted home, turned a TV set, and saw: Cossio-Cuellar-Costas-Marinkovic& Reyes Villa in the process of partitioning Bolivia and attempting to create a HalfMoon/ MediaLuna federal Republic in Bolivia's Territory, through violent clashes, it caused Felipe a flasback of  being tortured under ReyesVilla-Garcia-ArceGomez' Gov and Manfred's image would not leave Dr Campos.
When Dr Campos woke up from a dream with the image of Manfred, he began to sweat and his blond wife held him, asking what was troubling her awakening husbandl.
"They are not only attempting to partition Bolivia but about to genocide my ancestors people"
"Manfred Reyes Villa and his HalfMoon croatian Latifundio cohorts"
Unable to understand him, his all american wife was overcome and confused watch Felipe turned a DVD recorder and paused at some images.
"Thats Manfred, son of Armando, a co-Coupmaker in 1980...impregnated by horse manure, they exiled me..I recognize Manfred at Miraflores, then later a real estate  businessman...he went back to Bolivia and is still involved with the extreme right wing and speaking wonders but i know him. And also recognize his father, Armando...they are about to run rivers of blood like red water...I have to stop thes school of the America's...torture graduates"
His wife now understood the emminent danger for millions of indigenous Americans in Bolivia.
Dr Campos was an emminence, yet he had hesitated working in Think Tanks and the partition attempt caused him to oppose the. He put long hours working from RomeAmerica and helping to neutralize Manfred and his cohorts and USAID and others trying to locate him to deterre him from stopping Manfred's work, caused him to lose his family life.
His all American wife realized her pesceful and innocent husband could be killed for opposing the creation of a Judas Croat federal Republic on the carcass of Bolivia& he seemrdbto be in danger like Orlando Letelier and she couldn't bare the idea to find her husband killed, so she divorce him.
Mallku Felipe overcoming his personal love aches, continued advising Evo to avoid a civil war and to avoid partitioning Bolivia.
JHANISSE  Vaca Daza, a NED's civil contractor, who runs an environmentalist, named "Standing Rivers" and works for Human Rights Foundation as a mercenary civil contractor funded with NED funds, was and is an efficient politician under the cloak of environmentalism and human Right]s ( PartII), whose work desestabilized and demonized the Morales Gov.
Afterbyhe exiled by Harcia Med
sa, mallku Felipe Campos who at present is almost 16 years exiled by the Govs of Evo Morales, Jeanine Anez and Luis Arce, while in exile became aware and when Evo began persecuting and crashing not Latifundists but indigenous Tipnis guardians of forests & much later began arsoning 10 million hectares of forests, and imported transgenics and then ordered the killing of some Bolivians. And then unconstitutionally wanted lifetime presidency, Mallku Felipe forewarned Evo to cease and desist 
his ill policies and seek no more a lifetime presidency, or he will be flipped over from power.
Morales disregarded one of the men who saved Bolivia's partitioning and stopped the genocide at the brink of a civil war.
But I Domi Mamani, who had seen and had interacted with the american intelligensia, that is experts, scholars and brinksmen and when comparing them to Dr Campos, by far he outdid them and their think tanks.
Dr Campos lead along unexpected allies from the right and Evo was defeated with referendum 21F, barring Evo!
"it ain't over till Fat Evo sings"
Mallku Felipe's utterings became prophetic because evo renegued 21F and refused to go into retirement to his Coca leaves latifundio Hacienda. And attempted to run unconstitutionally colluding with OAS  L. Almagro's blessing.
In fact Evo run and won elections, defeating obsolete, incompetent& senile C Mesa, whose global employer financed his Bolivian civil contractors to get rid of Evo.
"If a transitional president becomes a reality, then we are free of Evo"
At seeing pro and con clashes in Bolivia, Mallku Felipe foretold, "Easy to get rid of Evo, but it will open Pandora's box and people will be trapped, deceived and imposed a facade president or poppet and they will be so, so sorry..."
Bolivian civil contractors financed by their the global employer, disbursed money to key military commanders, among them Kaliman, Rojas...and the police commanders.
" Evo resign and hand ot to your Senate president, assambly presidents or Vps" Asked Evo.
Evo laughed and refused to listen.
Almagro backstabbed Evo, denouncing him with an election audit report of vote irregularities.
At that key moment Jahnisse was still demonizing Evo with burning the forests and Dr Campos saw it, and sentenced to some of us.
" For arsoning the forests, evo is handed his own head to his  Latifundio cohorts and as its gone out of control, evo is alienated indigenous and I doubt he will be massively defended and his head will roll down along with his inner circle. But I am worried for having said, 'III milennium is environmentalists gov time, because now I fear employer Romerica will shove it to us a woman, but the wrong woman, a Jezabel, a Pandora"
With military & police commanders bribed, Evo& his innet circle resigned and were in the process of fleeing. Evo flew to Chimore and waited for Adriana Salvatierra's but then dr Campos received a report, Salvattierra was to meet with extreme right wing caudillos.
He sent message to Evo& Salvatierra, to let congress designate a successor by the Constitution and by the Assambly's rules.
But Salvatierra was coersed to resign her presidential succession to save Evo. Borda announced due to his brother being kidnapped and torture ans about to be killed, he resign his sucession right as president of the house.
The Romerican global employer was moving fast to get rid of presidential successors and then heard a wind from a pilot.
"The military is going to fly their cohort from Beni and the military will deliver the sash to Jeanine Anez.." he sent message to Salvatierra and sergio choque to go to congress and name one of their 2/3 MAS majority members as presidential successor.
But the Romerican employers intercepted it and after Salvatierra met with Tuto, DM...etc, the Romerican employer moved faster and blocked Salvatierra and Briskly summoned MAS congressman from enterig and meeting in their own building: The congress/Asambly.
Jahnisse resent message, " Done. Jeanine is going to take the presidency"
Environmentalist Mallku Felipe among countless exilees and Bolivians saw in tv. Escorted by military and police comsnders and right wing caudillos, Anez as a senator and 2d VP, autoproclaimed herself, the president of Bolivia.
" My" seeing Malku Felipe's  sweating forehead, took my handkerchief as he stayed with his eyes glued to a military commander who put the presidential sash onto Anez.
"Pandora is opened the Pandora many innocent people will be persecuted, tortured& killed"
Sentenced the experienced former brinksman, "JudasCroat foreigner Latifundists, cattlemen, soy, mining and oil caudillos are in power, masked as Democracy saviors but are killing Democracy which cost us sweat, tears and blood...40 years democracy gone as i predicted it" worrisome, exclaimed, the experienced environmentalist, adding, " It's not an environmebtalist woman, its simply an impersonating& usurper senator comitting crimes who is self proclaimed president, violating senate rules&the CPE and how many people will this pest genocide"

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