Sampal Jumpal! Good Bye

Sampal Jumpal!
Good bye!
It's a sad, sad, sad day
In Indonesia with excruciating pain that reaches to the morrow of the bones, the heart and reason, of Indonesian families, who just lost their loved ones in a sunken submarine.
Indonesians are mourning for their peace sailors!
Mother crying for their sons!
Siblings in distress sob!
Brides& wives shedding their tears and calling their love ones!
Indonesia is crying for her sailor-children!

Our hearts go to them, for the loss of their loved ones at the prime of their youth.
May they heal and go on living for the good of everyone.
May our countries assist them in the salvatage of the sunken submarine, to rescue their bodies, give them heroes honors& indemnization to the pain stricken families and to find the cause of the tragic submarine sinking with precious sailors, who days before sang as if a premonition, "Sampal Jumpal/Good Bye".
Who could tell us, it was their last Good Bye, their final say, eulogy and epitaph for their families, Indonesia and humanity!
Coastal indonesia is sinking because of climate catastrophe caused by # OilCarbonGas pandemic and social injustice, and the submarine sinking is a forewarning not only to peace loving Indonesians but humanity.
As humans what are we going to do for our Indonesian neighbors?

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