selfmaking a victim, Evo Asks what damage I've done to you...?

Selfmaking a victim, evo asks, what damage i've done to you to talk bad about me?
     By Domi Mamani
What damage have i cause them, to talk bad about me? Defensively tantrum sixties child EvoCroat Morales asked People,
who pointed at the loses in 6 governors races which Evo caused defeats, for MAS, the moderate center right party, unwilling to take his responsibility for said defeats.
Evidenciary truth points at his "Dedazos" in arbitrarily appointing David Flores, etc, for La Paz State governatorial  elections!
CroatEvo who graduated from elitist contractors private Tambo School, and speaks no indigenous language as Maria Mamani, his beautiful old mother spoke. Yet took for granted indigenous voters must vote for his candidates.
For those of us who know Evo, he is an arbitrary caudillo who imposes his tantrums to people as if his spoken spanish words are the word of god, feel saddened Bolivian political-economic elitists like CroatJudasEvo control Bolivia and throughout the world.
Evo wants to punish the indigenous who refused to vow down to his tantrums: Mallku Felipe Campos, Santos Quispe, Eva Copa...Damian Condori...
To Mallku Felipe Campos. Evo retaliated by exiling him for almost 16 years. He retaliated against Mallku Felipe Quispe& his son MallkuSantos Quispe and retaliated against Eva Copa.
Mallku Felipe Campos a gray emminence who knows Uncle Sam's inner workings, regardless being injustlt exiled, he didn't cowered to Evo& along with dissidents flipped over Evo's plans to rule lifetime.
Mallku Santos Quispe hit a defeating blow to Evo by defeating in second round Evo's favorite David Flores for Governor of La Paz.
And Eva Copa KO evo for Mayor of El Alto city!
But Evo is an unrepentant drunk who suffers of bad drunk's loosing syndrome& rather than stop causing further irreversible losses to MAS, obsessed& compulsively, he keeps upping the ante by retaliating further and now as if he is the sole owner of the MAS institutional party, he is going to expell from MAS the cream of the crop who doesn't bow to him.
Ewo, as his mother used to call the tantrum child, knows of no limits to restrain himself and doesn't accept MAS is not his and is not his robot nor his pongo/serf.
By irratiobally acting by his narcissistic tantrums, he is causing more heads to rebel and voice against him, he is a single vote among a million MAS members and that he must stop his dedazos and retire to farm his latifundio land and let new blood leaders continue the struggle forward by directing MAS.
Ewo wants to be lifetime caudillo& president but according to graybe eminence Mallku Felipe Campos, it's only going to cause further erosion to MAS and further internal new opposition increase, till they will throw him out, because he is overdue and is becoming too much political liability and harming irreversibly MAS!
But its not determined yet when, till then Ewo will continue throwing his childish tantrums.
Q dano les he hecho para hablar contra mi&
Q Dano te he hecho para q me quites a mi madre? CroataEvo rabioso, acusatoriamente questionaba al Jovenzuelo Felipe Campos.
His mother a beautiful mature Aymara woman choose Felipe.
A week later Melonie chose Felipe and
Evo retaliated  against Felipe by having Dionisio take a  hiddem picture of Felipe, but unsatisfied, evo along with Alberto complained to their USAID employer and they took a full body picture of working youth Felipe Campos.
A couple weeks later when unsuspecting Felipe was in the Bolivian Orient, police contractors and SES of Dictator Garcia Mesa, ambushed and arrested him without a cause, tortured and exiled him.
And decades later when Evo came to power along with Alvaro
Felipe's old mother plead to her neighbors Evo& Alvaro Garcia Linera to repatriate her son, both refused and made disappear his birth record to keep him exiled!
Felipe's mother died cursing both to fall off power and died calling her exiled son's name, while Garcia Linera and evo basked gloriously and buried with honors Alvaro's mother, before Tv cameras, humble indigenous mother of exiled Mallku Felipe  Campos was buried and forgotten but Evo& Alvaro didn't let him visit his mother's graveyard!
But in 2019, the humble indigenous mother's curse reached both and cowering both escapedvto Mexico ny plane, deserting the people of Bolivia, who were genocided at Sacaba and Senkata!
In sum Evo is harvesting what he's arbitrarily sown. It's sad Ewo won't quietly go to his Latifundio lands but it will take indigenous MAS people to throw him out later, along his JudasCroat Latifundist-Cattlemen&Transgenic soy elitists.

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