Gasmen demand for you to give in your private information and residential adress, phone number, and submit whatever they ask you.
They are holding captive audience, without a right to ask any question and they don't answer anything to you.
Gasmen talk and you are supposed to quietly believe and submit to their will and remain silent until they finish their gas infomercial.
They alleged modernization and expect you to quietly do what they ask of you.
They don't hive you anything but take, take and take all your private information to later drag you to their lawyers and have you admit what they want you to admit and if you  disagree they will blackmail you...
They have been setting up people from has exposed communities who disagree to their expansion, where they keep gasing you with countless night blow out of deadly gases to release pressure and over the years cause you asthma, throat aches, eye aches, cancers... to you and your family members, in poor residents in the State of california and beyond.
They are known as SoCal Gas Co, an offshoot of Sampras Corporation.
Protect your health and life and your privacy, specially your address and phone number and e- mail address, because i've heard experiences from people that were abused by them and from people that attended these deceitful gas infomercials.
Their old Compressor gas stations are leaky and for decades w/o informing residential victims, they been not only contaminating soil but the air you breath every second without compensating you for the damage you already suffered. They want to double and triple these the capacity of thrsr deadly gss Compressor stations, under the cover of modernizing them.
Old compressor  Stations blow out and incinerate residents, like in San Bruno, CA, and close to ten other cities.
Modernizing these deadly incinerators AKA compressor gas stations, multiplies their deadly capabilities and the incineration zone becomes bigger and bigger, so your chances to survive become smaller and smaller.
Be wise and don't deliver yourself into the mouth of the deadly beast, so protect your privacy.
Bc  of they are acting in bad faith, do mot participate in SoCal's infomertials bc they will allege you agreed to expose yourself to these dangers& will allege they informed you and take away your injury rights under the caveat emptor of "buyer beware" and allege you are a negligence contributor to any injuries by their compressor stations, which strippes you of compensation.

Have your doctor conduct lead tests, etc to detect toxic particulate matters in your blood stream. This matter may end in court and you will need your own lawyer to protect your rights.
Do not let them lie to you and bring you their corporate lawyer and deceive you.
Remember SoCal Staff and their hidden lawyers  & Sampras' lawyers are not your lawyers and only protect SoCal's and SampraCorp's interests.
Please viralize this SOS so innocent residents expose to arsenic, lead, benzine, etc do not fell prey to them

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