There is no organic food security but imposed transgenic...

There is no organic food security but imposed transgenic food in Bolivia!
                     By Domi Mamani M

Mesa has burned 10 million forest hectares, Morales 10 million hectares, Anez 10 millon hectars& Arce is reaching ten Million hectares, for Latifundio Transgenic soy& Cattlemen.
As a result low class is suffering famine, due to desertification, no rain, transgenics, mining and oil toxic water contaminating rivers& lakes.
Despite the overwhelming evidence cited above, Morales& Evolucho Arce colluding with transgenic Latifundio for Cattlemen of the MediaLuna, allege they made huge rural investments & that they have food security. Those are  patent exagerations& misrepresentations, because we americanBolivians have seen starvation and transgenic food beingbdumped at below market prices, have caused  contraband  transgenic potatoes from Peru, transgenic corn, onion from Argentina, transgenic apples, apricot...from Chile etc
Which breaks minifundio farmers because these contraband transgenic food is dumped at below market price, so what food security are you talking about?
No. Don't deceive yourselves!
We indigenous climate defenders have seen and have known Mallku Felipe Campos, requested Morales& Arce to quarentine Bolivia, stop feminicides, stop arsoning our forests, abrogate latifundio, ban transgenic, pesticides,etc, was exiled by them for 16 years now!
We indigenous stand for all organic flora& fauna, to protect our Mother Earth/ Pachamama, because this deadly capitalist sytem is exterminating our ancestral patrimonial flora and fauna and we can barely save few organic seeds of what was once the worlds best naturally organic genetic food production mecca, which continupus being destroyed by european colonialism& Neocolonialism!
We have to be incas again, with natural organic produce where life, water, soil, oxygen, trees, animals are respected as humans, because gasmen are gasing us to death and extinction and we can only survive protecting life by abrogating oilCarbonGas for a SolarVegan
Economy, where seeds rule, water reigns, healthy soil rules and we breath pure oxygen produced by trees& clean oceans and we eat all organic inca food and drink pure glaciars water pouring from natural mountain glaciars! 
Enough of corporatists stealing humanity's genome and patenting it as theirs, when the truth points out, their monopolistic transgenic patents are thievery  Humanity's genome!

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