Time to retire....from Bolivian politics!

Time for VillaReyes, Camacho, Mesa,DM, Arias, Anez,Morales&GLinera to retire from Bolivian politics!

These named politicians are cowering caudillos who sent others to fight &risk their lives to benefit themselves with Latifundio, wealth, etc.
You remember Black November 2019, where all these extreme right wing colluders colluded with foreign mercenary civil contractors like Luis Almagro from lyncho mobsters Organizacion of American States, a proxy for outlaw elitists from Uncle Sam, when they deliver the pseudo OAS audit election report alleging election irregularities, bad looser C Mesa scream like a totally gone hysteric old bag, " Fraud" and went into hiding under his wife's skirts and all the others did the same hiding under women police and armed military women's underwears and only resurfaced after the military-civil Coup D'etat makers were imposing their handpicked& incompetent J Anez, who autoproclaim herself President.
This happen a day after the military& police coup makers executed succesfully an unconstitutional Coup D'etat. Morales&Garcia Linera who used to chant "We come from the fight" added, "running cowardly into self exile because we were no pants"
All these named extreme right wing Notzees Coupmakers who committed crimes against humanity at Sacaba and Senkata and cowardly in the closet Morales&Garcia Linera must retire from politic life now for the good of Bolivia and the people.
But these unrepentant self righteous and self serving mentally incompetent, narcisistic and misogenic megalomaniac failed politicians are unrepentant rascals and criminals who want to force their way into power by preparing and hoping to execute a coup in the midsts of a 3rd pandemic wave and famine tormenting the people.
The notzees are expecting Almagro to get from the commitee and the CIDH court to declare Human rights violations and a ruling against Morales-GL declaring the Pact of Dan Jose doesn't entitle permanent presidential candidates  because os not a violation of human rights to demand permanent presidential candidacy to the presidency in violation of the human rights and political rights of 12 million citizens of Bolivia.
The latter croatJudas Morales&GL who control their IPSP and have denied us indigenous people of MAS, an indigenous cabinet& gov for almost 16 years while Mesa,Camacho, VillaReyes... have denied us for countless decades.
Morales and his inner circle allege Norales alone is MAS and owns MAS and only he can be permanent lifetime president and to that effect is going to expell anyone who questions his violating MAS chart and rules party and his cobstotutional violation of the Constitution of Bolivia and the will of the sovereign: The People!
Knowing indigenous psyche and moral authority of the People/12 million citizens, who are ten fold more educated than ignoramus pompous asses Morales& GL. But there are better experienced brinksmen like Dr Felipe Campos, Santos Quispe, etc who are true leaders who believe in their ancestral values of rotation of power and rulling horizontally, opposed to Evo's imposed vertical authoritarianism within and without MAS, who suffering acoustic and visual hallucinations and senility thinks god named him lifetime president and tells people, I came into power not as a tenant but to stay lifetime president.
We the people, answer to all the above name failed politicians, they can be presudents at Sucre psychiatric ward for the totally gone because the people will elect from Santos Quispe, Andronico Rodriguez, Mallku Felipe Campos, etc, who march with the people even in exile!

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