Today resurfaces the specter of Morales perpetual presidential candidacy!

Today resurfaces the specter of Morales perpetual presidential candidacy!
                    By Domi Mamani
Surprising me, today an after lunch conference over a hundred attending audience, Dr Felipe Campos, a retired faculty member, presented, "The specter of Morales permanent presidential candidacy"
In awe, listened Morales' exiled Mallku Felipe Campos go over Evo Morales efforts not only to resign to his chairmanship of MAS party and his effort not to call for the internal election of a new generation of indigenous leaders to lead MAS but to perpetuate lifetime as the chief of MAS against MAS party's chart of principles and rules!
He sentenced, " Perpetuating Evo as Chief of MAS is going to further divide internally MAS and a house divided can't stand"
Dr Campos continued over Morales efforts to silence dissent and pointed out among other things to the systemstic failure of Bolivia's attorney Gral Juan Lanchipa to investigate the justices/Vocales of the TCP's unconstitutional verdict 084/2017.
Since January 2020 said unconstitutional verdict  was challenged in a suit of inconstitutionality filed by multiple opposition lawyers, but nothing had been done and Lanchipa has continued his deliriction to his oath and to the Bolivian constitution.
If the TCP and the atyorney gral continue to fail to overturn verdict 084/2017, which makes Morales a perpetual presidential candidate, not only will they be trialed but it potentially take MAS and Bolivia to the brink of the abyss of economic warfare till bankrrupting Bolivia economically as Venezuela and polarization could explode to another 2009 Croatian republic in Bolivia's Half Moon States/MediaLuna formed by Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando, Tarija& Chuquisaca.
And given the fact EvoLucho Arce failed since Dec 5 2020 to quarentine Bolivia and being present since December 2020 british mutated Pandemic virus& last March was imported the Brazilian mutated Pandemic and existing other mutation viruses and Bolivia lacking universal health care and antibiotic medicines a full blown pandemic colapse of Bolivia's sanitary system is about to happen with massive deads and over a million pandemic infected work force is a matter of weeks, which coupled with the chronic scarcity of antigen booster shots, bot only will banrrupt Bolivia, but crack open and break Bolivia's economy and violence by Separatists Cattlemen latifundists from Half Moon lead by Camacho, Reyes Villa, Mea etc, will  pushed Bolivia into the Abyss of political and terrotorial desintegraruon amid a low intensity warfare and later a civil war.
The way to deter this apocalyptic reality from happening is 1) Elect a new Chief of MAS
2)The Supreme TCP must overturn as unconstitutional its 084/2017 erroneous & unconstitutional verdict, whoch presently makes Evo Morales a perpetual presidential candidate.
Its unfeasible Morales compulsive-obssesive greed for the presidency, because unlike wealthy Venezuela, Bolivia is a pauper nation and a divided MAS house and a divided Country can't stand"
He then named external& internal actors of State power, " Neighbor countries won't allow it and internally The military, police and paramilitary and parapolice have been and continue to be  the greatest dangers to Bolivia's frail democracy and we run the risk to fall prey to another extreme right wing Coup D'etat under the excuse of saving democracy and after the coup, their SIP media will avoid using the word Coup and avoid appointing generals to Cabinet and extreme right wing  Villa Reyes, Camacho or Mesa take the oath to office of the president.

All these unnecessary ills and violence  we can avoid by overturning unconstitutional TCP verdict 084/2017 and retiring Evo from MAS by renewing it with new indigenous leaders.
And if we are pushed into abyss of Evo's megalonia and greed for presidential candidacy and if it were to  befall us violence, do not support the call from Reyes Villa, Mesa, Camacho, Ivan Arias but from MAS switch to Jallalla under the leadership of Mallku Santos Quispe. Eva must Join @Wayna_Mallku
Having listened to Mallku Felipe Campos, encourage you all, to reflect and join Santos Quispe!

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