Today wolves are killed, tomorrow is US!

Today wolves are killed, tomorrow is US!
   By Domi Mamani M
We need to stop peacefully the extinction of fauna biodiversity, because pandemic vectors like forest arsoned and evicted Mice and Rats& multiple pests, without natural predators like Wolves,  not only will continue invading us but Cause Pandemics.
We are peacefully battling locally against Southern Cal Gas Corporation, gassing us with deadly arsenic, lead, cadmiun, methane, nitric oxide...And this greedy Corp wants to excavate without covering countless tonez of their deadly poisoned soil and then expand their compressor generator turbines to Six!
6 turbines incinerating blasting radius of action would wipe out at least half of our Ventura city residents, including children& grandchildren attending schools& boys and girls clubs, less than 50 yards!
These corporatist gasmen don't care to gas & incinerate live people with their deadly gases.
At State level, we are struggle day after day in getting support for #SB467
To be aprove in this senate committee.
I tell you, some people dream with going back to normalcy but don't want to see that normalcy as business as usual is locally risky and deadly as is state wide and Nation wide, because Oil, carbon& fracking gas& their deadly greenhouse gases are daily endangering our lives.
Either we all keep peacefully defending our health &lives by not only passing laws & enforcing them, but urgently now we need to abrogate # OilCarbonGas or they will gas us to death and extinction.
Wearing Covid gear, get ready to follow Greta in mass Civil Disobedience at the refineries to stop our extinction!

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