Tragic self destructive Jeanine Anez lives a life of lies...

Tragic self destructive Jeanine Anez lives a life of lies: Neurotic& megalonaniac and narcotrafficant victimizing herself!
    By Domi Mamani
     (Part I)
I knew Jeanine from the tie she was eagerly attending law school and time flew and she was a congresswoman of the extreme right wing and a merceary civil contractor along with Arturo Murillo, LF Camacho, Villa Reyes, DM, Mesa, TutoQuiroga& Rafael Quispe, Arias...
Eager Jeanine waited in Beni the call from the military and whebit came, they flew her to LaPaz, she realized despite having coerced Salvatierra, Ribero, House president and VP, though they created her sucession, as coup makers they had 2/3 congressmen of MAS to name a masista as sucessor presiden, so Foronda& coup maker made up the aparience of a succesion by first blocking congressmen from entering the congressuonal house to elect a Masista, then before few right wing congressmen casted the dice before their live cameras, and she self proclaim presidential succesor and Bolivia waa deceived into believing it was a constitutional succesion but only later details showed there was were indelible evidences of a coup D'etat like Not the president of Congress or the president of the house or the Supreme court justice taking Anez the presidential oath, putting the presidential sash on her was the military chief before the comanders of the police, military and those coup makers on civilian clothes named above on Black November 2019, and the forcing of the book of racism and genocide& hate into the presidential palace: The bible!
But Anez confronted the ones about to unmadk she was a notzee Defacto president: MAS indigenous people and 2/3 MAS congress.
The first threatbto het notzee Defacto presidency she co-planned to suience it by machiavelic terror so she signed the Genocide decree allong with her cabinet, then ordered the military, police and her paramilitartndead squads to coldly execute them on Black November at Sacaba& senkata, then along with Murillo and Lopez cooked the story indigenous facing the military shoot each other and the armed military...had to defend itself.
But left enough evidence to  visiting investigators to prove months later there was no threat to the military nor the unarmed indigenous wounded a single military man, thereby de unked her psychotic killers Murillo and Lopez's made up combat deaths of indigenous people.
The shots on their indigenous victims's head showed the indeleble mark of fascist executions, etc.
True Anez was rulling by terror and true they imposed a climate of fear, but Congressmen enjoyed of immunity and to kill them it would take Anez's mask of democratic presidential sucession and uncover the terrorist- fascist notzee gov Anez was imposing in Bolivia.
Masista Eva Copa as the new president of the Senate&Sergi Choque from the house were in line of presidential succession.
Copa had the power to unmask Anez Defacto presidency but she decided to bury the congressional opposition from the bloque of Co-Masista A Salvatierra, and sold out to Anez and to her accomplice EU& CEB by bying into the pseudo-pacification.
Copa accepted Anez as President but congress refused to even consider Anez fpr president.
Through the pseudo Pacification negotiation Eva Copa had the oportunity to get general amnesty/GA in exchange for allowing self proclaimed Anez to continue till january 21 2020 to materialize elections but Copa sold out to the coup makers in exchange of nothing and Anez goit it all from Copa in exchange of nothing.
The consequence of Copa's selling out was the constitutional and unconstitutional imprisonment and torture of Morales's cabinet members and innocent Masistas who for transporting & giving away food to their starving indigenous neighbors, were accused falsely of terrorism and tortured and imprisoned.
What would have at worst happen to Copa had she denounced Anez was a Defacto president?
At worst congress would have been closed and Copa arrested and exiled to a neigbor country because it wasn't to the interest of Anez, to imprison her nor kill her because that would have unmasked Anez was a fascist gov and she wouldn't have lasted  about a year but gone soon.
Garcia Mesa Exiled Western educated Mallku Felipe Campos, a grey eminence whose specialty is crisis, kept urging Copa to assume the presidency in the coming January 21  2020 end term of Anez by simply getting congress to vote for her. Which would have legitimately madr Copa the legitimate constitutional president but Cop refused.
Dr Felipe Campos urged Copa to support Sergio Choque for succession and not to extend Anez endvyerm after Jan 21 2020 but Copa refused and against the repeated advice of Felipe, she extended over and over Anez Gov.
When it came to light Anez was betraying Bolivia, importing transgenic for her latifundist cohorts and acquiring unconstitutional and without congressional aproval over a billion dollars loans under the excuse of covid supplies,etc which meant deadly consequences for the people of bolivia, because it was demanding enormous devaluations and jacking up dollar exchange rates, only in this intance Copa beganbto dissent with Anez but rather than follow Dr Campos advise, to name Choque as successor she cooked along with Anez the different presidential extensions of time.
Later Copa's betrayal will bring her ineligibility for the presidency but for now Copa will enjoy El Alto city mayoral seat as her own.
Going back to Anez, despite E Foronda's billion dollars media campaign, he couldn't improve Anez presidential election prospect and lagging polls, yet neurotic Anez insisted for months, till all the right wing blame her for the upcoming defeat MAS would cause then, Then and only after Foronda& T Quiroga cut the dollars flow, Anez dropped her unfeasible bid!
Murillo and Lopez who protected Anez's  narcoLinks in Santana del Yucuma and Trinidad, transporting peruvian cocaine to Brazil. But when the polls pointed to MAS as the future victor, they forwarned Anez to flee days before elections, but neurotic Anez said she is untouchable& that's non-sense to flee. Hence refused to accept the consequences of her genocide presidential policies and chose to stay in Bolivia and continued her narcolinks to Santa Ana del Tucuma and Trinidad!
Anyone of MAS would hsve won but Evo forced out A Rodriguezand forced out Choquehuanca to become the presidentisl MAS candidate and Dedazo imposed L Arce.
Mesa suffered a second tine in a row, another crushing defeat, after loosing to evo lost by a bigger margin to Arce, thereby buried Mesa's lying mith of election fraud allegations!
Mallku Felipe urged Arce to arraign genocider Anez Cabinet but arce kept refusing and they along military coup makers began to self exile and yet Arce refused to have them arraigned.
Murillo took a flight to Panama canal, got from his civil conyrator employer an immigrant- protect visa and was provided a free air flight as Gobi Sanchez, to Florida, USA, where his consul appointed sister had the stolen ventilators' money stashed away and purchased himself a mansion of two million dollars with the laundered narcomoney.
Mallku Felipe who had helped Anez narcoGov demise, urged Arce on dec 20th 2021, to protect the people of Bolivia by quarentining Bolivia till December 2021, stop feminicides, stop arsoning forests, stop importing transgenics, abrogate Latifundio, etc,
Arce refused and kept his good doer exiled and denied him repatriation.

But the first and secobd wave of covid caused inestability and Arce concerned Bolivia is necoming ungovernable, and given the fact indigenous leaders were becoming enraged with Arce's cogoverning  with Latifundists, rosquero colluding miner owners, etc but most importantly Arce was seen racist who didn't care for climate defender indigenous victims, orphans and widows of Sacaba and Senkata...but afraid to loose indigenous support, arce allowed penal suits against Anez' genocider cabinet.
Suddenly neurotic Anez' genocider life and reality became time frozen before her narcissitic misogenic and genocider eyes!
( continues PartII)

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