two orphan daughters answer to @ JeanineAnez 's offspring!

Two orphan daughters answer to @ JeanineAnez
's offspring!
@ CarolinaRibera4 Anez& Jose Ribera Anez, two very adult offspring of former Dictator J Anez, wrote to Bolivian president  Luis Arce's children.
These indigenous children wrote in Quechua and Aymara but fearing for their lives asked me to withhold their names
TranslatedBy D Mamani:
"Estimada Carolina& Jose:
You say about your mother Jeanine Anez wonders but are plain exagerations and lies, like alleging she saved Bolivia from violence & let Arce leave the country, and that you are not asking anything and no privileges for her and she needs to be treated humanly?
What offspring doesn't defend her parents?
But we are here to remind you your mother's malicious inhuman acts and genocidal policies by killing our innocent and unarmed parents, which you know but to aided her by overlooking  and choosing to omit in your letter, for the purpose to have her released& not tried for her inhuman crimes against innocent indigenous people, including our parents.
Your mother was almost at the end of the line of succesion, but she consorted with her armed accomplices to kidnap, torture and blackmail, congressmen ahead of her, to stop them from becoming presidential successor and had them resign, so she be the successor. But her seditious act showed she closed the congressional building with armed officers and violated the senate and congress rules and without a congressional vote, she self proclaim president, then and rather than treat humanly all bolivians including us indigenous, racistly your mother signed a genocide decree then ordered her armed accomplices to genocide at cold blood, our unarmed and innocent parents and when our parents were bullet wounded, she had her officers, humiliate them to kneel and our parents to save themselves knelt but the nazi-executioners-, executed them with a shot on the back of the head and the back.
By having signed and ordered them to execute our innocent wounded and unarmed parents after racistly humiliating them to be on their knees, the mother  you talk wonders about and present her as a victim now, back in her dictatorship days of Nov 2019, she and her cabinet& murdering accomplices were our parents jury, prosecutor, Judge and executioners by executing our parents inhumanly, like their croat nazifathers& Ustachas did to innocent civilians in europe before they escaped trial and emigrated to Bolivia and after killing indigenous leaders, stole our lands and increased latifundio against indigenous people. Like them your mother ordered their executions because she and you hate us for being indigenous and don't want to see us in the cities but locked away at the hinterlands unjustly and inhumanly!
Your mother had no excuse to lock one of her fellow croats, Luis Arce so she let him self exile into Mexico.
Your mother didn't save democracy nor saved Bolivians, she authored the destruction of 40 years of democracy and genocided our knelt and wounded parents by tens, wounded less than a thousand indigenous like us orphans and persecuted and tortured over 1600 bolivians, among them, Patricia Hermosa and killed her inborn baby when she plead to your mother, to let her receive neonatal and medical care outside her prison, your mother and her lover Murillo, refused her human rights, medical rights and then revictimized her by accusing her of alleged abortion, which Patricia did not commit, for she was in a pool of blood while pleading to save her child.
But like you, your inhuman mother auto victimeses herself, to manipulate everyone to feel guilty! Now along you tweets to foreign and domestic media, her alleged need for medical care and human treatment at a private clinic or hospital of her choice, so she can run to her employer's foreign embassy and escape bolivian justice for genociding our innocent, unarmed, wounded& knelt parents, who to save themselves to care for us their daughters, allowvthem to humiliate them, but rstherbthan soaring their lives, your mother ordered their executions and then along with her lover Murillo, blamed our genocided parents, childishly alleging our parents shot one another. How could they shot each other, on each other's back of the head, before armed officers and vicious police dogs growling at them with their bare teeth?
No. Not humanly possible!
Then your mother and her armed accomplices changing their false stories, alleged our parents died exchanging shots in combat against armed troops. But there was no single military or police wounded and our parents had no guns.
All our parents weapons were their courage and hope for a better future for us in Bolivia and with wiphalas they stood iddle trusting officers promise to be allowed passage from Sacaba to Cochabamba city. But from the ground and from helicopters, shot them and then captured our wounded parents. But yourbmother's nazi- Ustacha executioners, executed our helpless and innocent parents!
With genocides at sacaba and senkata by terrorist executions, your mother and her latifundists coup makers destroyed all opposition and remained in power almost a year, while from time to time, we the defeated indigenous, remained silent. 
But when our indigenous brothers from the tropic of Cochabamba amid covid pandemic and starvation, they were bringing us free food for us go survive starvation, but inhumanly your mother ordered their arrests, tortured them and left many like Beni's indigenous people, march- pleading for medicines and food to survived, were ordered to be unjustly arrested and kidnapped and flown and locked for 9 months, accused of being alleged terrorists, without any evidence.
Since when was pleading for food a terrorist crime?
We suspect because they showed mass starvation and deaths by covid, your mother hated them because they were showing starvation and violence your mother's gov was committing against indigenous people and she couldn't hid it from the world, which caused her defeat and withdrawal from the presidential elections!
You say you are not asking anything in exchange, but evidence shows you are asking her release and dropping the multiple charges for her multiple crimes, as you and her, write and twit self- victimization, caused the european parlament to ask president Arce to release her and drop the charges. But your mother's  exceptional treatment has been confirmed by different international HR organizations who found out she has everything granted high privileges, no one else receives but your mother.
But still continuing to manipulate president Arce and the bolivian judiciary which is a creation of dictators like your mother, want her release and immunity and impunity for her multiple shocking crimes, she and her latifundist cabinet committed against indigenous climate defenders.
She has your frequent visits, even from personalities, including her personal physician visits and you can see and can talk to your mother and embrace her.
But there is no day we orphans, that want to see our parents can't see them, because your racist and inhuman mother ordered their cold merciless, coward nazi-ustacha executions.
You can see your mother and can continue visiting her and see her expensive private doctor continuing to direct her medical treatment for ordinary urethra infection and taquicardia and she's received her medications for her Non-life threatening ilnesses, similar to millions of people treated in ambulatory basis without needing any private hospital or clinic.
To spare us orphanage, our parents plead for their lives on their knees while your mother's officers pushed gun barrels against the back of their heads but didn't treat them humanly but executed them!
During the signing of her genocide decree you had days to ask her to teeat humanly i digenous people, yet you didn't.
After the sacaba Genocide, you had days to ask your mother but chode not to ask her to treat our indigenous parents humanly and she ordered them executed.
While your mother has received high privileges no one else receives, you continue colluding with your mother to post in social media humane treatment, whichbshe is already receiving and high privileges yet you continue to exaggerate and lie and manipulate along with her and media, alleging she about to die.
If that was truth, why is she alive and posting multiple exagerated postings.
She will outlive us and still you and her will be posting how close she is to dying.
You go to visit her at your whim, but us how how much we miss our parents, inhumanly taken away from us.
Remember while we were covid restricted and starving and suffering post traumatic stress of having found our parents in fetal position. But you broke all covid restrictions and on military pkanes flew your friends to La Paz and threw luxuery banquet and partied on your birthdays, whike we cried and starved in the cold.
Murdering our innocent indigenous parents was a cruel and excruciating painful present you gave us along with your criminal mother.
We orphans suffer starvation, ongoing emotional pain because your mother and you racistly hated us for being born indigenous. After your mother and you distroyed our lives, what future awaits us amid starvation, hopelessness and pain of you taken away our indigenous parents?
If you were to be in our shoes and call on your parents and they can't come, tell us what you would feel?
When you see other children embrace their parents and you can't embrace yours, tell us how it feels?
We gave you our names and if something happens to us, will you bare the responsibility or along with your mother will keep using your selective memory and ignore everyone's pain & suffering?
Because we are children we couldn't vote, but arce is a Judas croat gov with an all white cabinet and a token indian to hide his anti-indigenous gov, whether he or the next govs and judicial authorities are in power, we will never stop demanding justice in the streets, because as our ancestors we are tired of being genocided as animals while you the white croat genociders continue to genocide us and are never sentenced and serving for human rights crimes against humanity, but those human rights are mainly for you and not for indigenous. But we want it to change now and we demand justice and your mother must account for ordering genocide of our parents by decree 4078 and by ordering  her armed troops, after granting them immunity and impunity to kill indigenous people like our parents"

Thus ended their letter with their names affixed to their letter, which I Domitila Mamani translated it to english and presented it to you, for you the reader, to make up your own mind...

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