Unfed working robots to replace covid stricken us?

Unfed&working robots to replace covid stricken us?
        By Domi Mamani

It's a sad fact that like Mody in India, L Arce is a mostly deaf, blind and mute individual. A rookie and ignoramus economist who regurgitates like a fool  erroneus economic assumptions hd learned  at Warwick college and barely got a magistrate in economics degree!
Economics along with psycology ate two majors with severe miss-conceptions of reality and of the real world.
Arce is compounded his unfitness for office by not listening our advise of effective policies and most importantly ignoring Dr Felipe Campos request on Dec 5th 2020 for Arce to quarentine Bolivia till December 2021 to stop sarscovid2. But half a year into Arce presidential first year, he is failed to invest on hospital&sanitary infraestructure and medicines to stop covid19 and his failure to close the Bolivian borders is caused the importation of multiple deadly mutated pandemic viruses. Now this third wave is massively infecting and reinfecting the people of Southeastern Bolivia! And dead pandemic victims masively will be laying on the streets, plus his failure of importing transgenics& arsoning 10 million hectars of forest, has worsen climate catastrophe! And nowadays, hail poyr heavily in fall season& countless thousands of minfundio families lost 100% of their organic produce and fruit and are ruined economically and famined and freightened by the growing inestability and polarization! And desperate starving masses are easily manipulated soon by the extreme right wing separatist presidential candidates M Reyes Villa, LF Camacho, C Mesa, Ivan Arias...and the danger of another coup is approaching much sooner than black November 2021& is hanging over our heads!
Indigenous climate defenders within MAS and outside MAS will have no reason to protect and fight for a current gov who doesn't care for the health and lives of theirs because they have seen capitalist Arce cares only for GDP growth even at the cost of people's lives! And like 2019's black November, indigenous masses are not going to protect evo Morales nor evolucho Arce!
I Domi Mamani, make another call to Luis Arce to close all borders, quarentine Bolivia till Dec2021 and keep insisting to people, it is a must to wear double masks/barbijos, handwash more frequently with desinfectant& keep 3 meters social distance, because the mutated indian pandemic virus has 2 mutated proteins on its spike. The brazilian one has ten mutated proteins on its spike, the brotish one is also highly infectious as is the SouthAfrican virus.
Given the fact each booster shot only helps you for 6 months and there is a global scarcity of booster shots aka pseudo vaccines because they don't prorect you lifetime as the measles vaccine!
Where are poor people who comprise over 90% of humanity going to get unaffordable and globally scarce vaccines when as a result of # OilCarbonGas pandemic emissions and countless highly infectious and highly deadly mutated pandemic viruses,  people are unemployed, broke, famined, freightene and desperate?
What's happens in Bolivia is a microcosm of the global  macrocosm of people about to fall in the abyss of famine, desperation, pandemic illness and massive deaths and by elitists running G-7& BRICS in denying debt foregiveness and loans in the amount of at leady 5 trillion dollars but a beggars loan of less than a trillion dollars is going to cost the unjust and premature death of countless millions of people but sadly its what These elitists seem to be aiming for: Depopulation of pauper gardeners and robot substitution of labor.
Robots because they simply work without eating or becoming pandemic transmitters or become OilCarbonGas pandemic ill or dead victims!

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