Vaccinated and Non-vaccinated are getting reinfected alike...

Vaccinated &Non- Vaccinated are getting reinfected alike by countless mutating pandemic viruses!

Having survived covid19 and continued to wash frequently with desonfectant ,wear anticovid gear& we kept social distance to decrease reinfection chances from any mutant pandemic, didn't spare us from P1, the highly contagious and fast killer pandemic from Brazil.
March first we went to a ski resort and had a nice weekend skying, then returned home.
Days after my family began to feel bone pain and ectreme fatigued and the next down woke up overfatigued and with derp pain in the morrow of my bones, especially on my humerus.
Uneasy getting up, said to everyone, we,re getting a test.
We got the tests and they kept us on IV and were asked to sign on to be quarentined for P1 infection.
Knowing hospitals are breathing grounds for all sorts of illnesses we opted to go home and temained most of March quarentined at home.
My grandchildren and daughters health first and i was the last one.
What we learned through own experience is mutant pandemics like the Brazilian P1, are sowing havoc through most of our American continent.
Having survived sarscovid2 didn't made us permanently immune to all the mutating sarscovid pandemics and at the sky resort we got P1 infected.
We survived P1, but with countless mutating pandemics, there is no cure for them all, nor there are magic vaccines to make us totally protected, because we've seen a significant number of vaccinated people have gotten infected or reinfected by these new mutating pandemics like the SouthAfrican pandemic.
My family being Non- Vaccinated, has survived twice the different pandemics without vaccines compared to TWICE VACCINATED PEOPLE WHO ALSO GOT REINFECTED by mutating pandemics.
Medically what these man-made-MRNA pandemics reinfections have shown us, THEY DON'T DISCRIMINATE between vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated people, THEY REINFECT US THE SAME WAY, but made vaccinated victims addicted to get booster vaccines at least once per year. But we Non-vaccinated people still KEEP INTACT OUR NATURAL IMMUNE DEFENSES, even free from annual flu vaccines, hence we are stil better fit to survive future new pandemics, while sadly majority-vaccinated people who will have a vaccine passport to travel, you have lost for ever your natural immune system with which you were born and were protected from pathogens. Now its sad to see your weakened  immune system may no longer protect you to dying with any meaningless Non-Pandemic pathogen infection!
These unscrupulous vaccine makers like SAHIM-TURECI who invented Biontech- Phyzer vaccine, refusedvto get vaccinated& are not only causing vaccine scarcity but getting filthy rich by selling them at higher prices to rich G-7 & BRICS countries and denying vaccines to most of humanity, which will cause higher mutations of pandemic viruses. And there will never exist a TRUE VACCINE like the measles vaccine with one single shot makes you measles free for the reminder of your life.
And so most of humanity who can not afford vaccines due to too the high pseudo- vaccines costs, may suffer more than G7&BRICS CITIZENS or after it maxes out victims in poor countries, their natural immune system may develop less harmful pandemic adverse effects like the 1918 deadly spanish pandemic flu become less harmful to living third mullenium citizens. And only time and the facts will show us the truth whether vaccinated or Non- vaccinated people, will fare better to contless mutating pandemic viruses which indiscriminatelly reinfects both groups nowadays!

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