Vaccinated people compare yourself to Non-Vaccinated Sahim-Tureci!

Vaccinated people compare yourself to
Non-Vaccinated Sahim-Tureci!
                   By Domi Mamani
Believing main media, most of you rushed& fought to get vaccinated with Biontech-Phyzer antigen booster shoot.
Instead of 1 shot, you got 2 shots and still get sarscovid2 infected or reinfected after being vaccinated.
It has not protected you against sarscovid2& already 2 antigen shots hurt your natural immune defenses, now you have frail immune defenses post vaccinated twice!
But greedy Biontech- Phyzer pharmaceutical corps and all pharmaceuticals want you to guinea pig you for a third antigen booster shot and weak you, will you run for Biontech- Phyzer 3rd antigen booster shot?
Know you are becoming an Antigen booster shot addict, who in less than 12 months is letting your little guinea pig body get shot for the third time and you don't know if you become dead by blood clotting and don't wake up or become permanently disabled and will need an oxygen bottle strapped to your back permanently for the reminder of your life.
You don't know the death risks you are taking with the 3rd booster shot and then will come in few months your 4th shot and you may not wake anymore!
Those are the deadly risks imposed on you for being part of a panicked herd rushing for more booster shots as all addicts!
Now your immune system fails you & a meaningless flu may kill you with Pneumonia, while Non- Vaccinated Sahim-Tureci will not die by flu or other infections, including sarscovid2 because Sahim-Tureci have intact their natural Immune Defenses that will knock out infections and they will go on living and getting richer and richer with trillions of boosters shots they will sale to living weak guinea pigs like you.
What can you do if you were vaccinated and are not feeling safe with further booster shots pharmaceutical merchants want you to take every few months?
You can wear double masks, use frequently desinfectants and keep social distancing like Sahim-Tureci and refuse to take anymore boosters shots because they are not vaccines but simple antigen booster shots that endanger your health and life and your children's and grandchikdren's lives, including your grandparents lives, who are frail but can survive better without vaccines.
Learn from Sahim-Tureci to defeat lab made MRNA sarscovid2, which has no vaccine nor can ever exist a vaccine to protect you lifetime, because, of poor research and rushing to sale politically aproved booster shots. Yes they are political  booster shots that are unsafe and inefficient to protect you against sarscovid2 pandemic and countless mutated pandemic viruses, like brazilian P-1,etc!
Querdenquers who refuse to wear anticovid double masks, desinfect and are not keeping social distance  are endangering themselves for nothing!
If Querdenkers would block oil refineries to save humanity from extinction by OilcarbonGasPandemics, they would become heroes! But they are not blocking oil refineries, but simply endangering themselves for nothing!
Will you outsmart Sahim-Tureci and keep social distancing or will you be part of foolish herds rushing for 3rd booster shots fabricated by Biontech- phyzer while Sahim-Tureci refuse to take their own invented booster shot?

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