Victory for all victims of human rights violations!

Victory for all victims of human rights violations!
Below is the hard work of Center for Constitutional rights, Harvard Law school international Human Rights Network clinic; Gump Straus& Feld LLP; Scombrun, Seplow, Harris& Hoffmann, whose pro bono's 14 years exhausting job against the high powered lawyers of Bill Clinton& Barck Obama, yieled the undoubted legal victory of immunity & impunity crimes of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada & his cousin Sanchez Berzain gas war military crimes against American-Bolivian-indigenous unarmed peaceful protestors.
Many killed fleeing, hiding& farming bystanders farming in their minifundio plots of land!
Its a joyful moment after almost 2 decades of pain, blood,tears&sweet for victims relatives and legal brains for the people, by the people&of the people cited above, among them our friend& neighbor Tommy Becks, you can follow him at @   mrtommybecks

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