what good is christianity causing to indigenous people...

What good is christianity causing to indigenous people, by transmitting pandemics& destroying their forests of life? (Part1)
         By Domi Mamani
I was a toddler girl when missionaries of Wycliff& New tribes mission church/NTMC were spreading their word to the 4 corners of the subandean& Amazon forest, while the Bolivian indian mission& Andean christian evangelical/UCE& World vision in the cities, were spreading their christianity in the urban cities of Bolivia and Spanish speaking of thr American continent!
This column will address the former two.
USA christians an extension arm of the State Department aparatus, as Wycliff and NTMC owned countless safe houses and their elitist and exclusive Tambo High but their work mainly in the jungle indoctrinated the cult of extreme christianity, forcing, coercing and cajoling indigenous paupers into abandoning the defense of their forests and ancient live way of living in harmony with the forests& hunting and gathering, to implant their interests and extreme religious views.
For these political ends, they counted with an exclusive american consulate in Cochabamba city that was and is working exclusively for them and not even for an ordinary american like myself, because my grandparents and parents had to travel to Bolivia's distant capital in La Paz to renew their passports.
These wolves in missionary clothes receive two kinds of salaries. The first from fed funds and the second from their church committees, who furloughed them every two years to their home church for a year! And then go back as missionaries to SouthAmerica, headquatered at first in Cochabamba, but later added Santa Cruz and they incorporated israelie agents who undet the guise of backpack travellers did their inteligence work in separatist Half Moon eastern states of Bolivia and so on, side by side with their counterparts from the USA.
One of those works, was to preserve and widened coca plantations at which Dionisio& Evo Morales were made heads and they prospered the coca plantations and narcoproduct, which is a fund for one of the secretive agencies who along the pentagon  caused change of govs, and much later in the third millenium materialized for Evo, to be their handpicked president and unsuspecting naive Bolivians voted him in.
But other jungle indigenous peoples from the Tipnis (Beni) protested against the cocalization and narcococalization and their imposed multiple cement bridges and a large asphalt freeway through Tipnis land. But indigenous protestors were crashed by the missio aries man, Evo Morales, the president, by means of state force. But these Tipnis indigenous somehow managed to temporarily stop it till now.
Most other christianized indigenous who didn't take the part in stopping the forests destructions by arson& logging, suffered significant transmissions of pandemics like Tuberculosis , etc and recently 20% of them has been adversely affected by christian export of covid pandemic, which could wipe out their whole tribal populations. But they isolated themselves and without need for vaccines, families cared for their own covid pandemic striken relatives. And now are healing by action of their own natural immune Defenses and care by their isolated families.
Summing it up, christianity has adversely affected them and stripped them of their original identities& peaceful and harmonious co-existance with Mother Earth. But can't rid themselves from having been converted to dependent on the dictates of the missionaries and their foreign policies all under the cloak of good intensions.
Most missionaries children by generations have taken their parents missionary and intelligence work and double wages. And the small percent who chose not to become missionaries have returned to the States and economically assisted in Fort Lauderdale& Sandford  Florida and San Diego California, etc and eventually they follow their grandparents missionary work in the form described above.
I, a toodler who was not of missionary ancestors, when i came to college at the States, saw the children of the missionaries fully pampered by their private religious colleges while i had to make ends meet working and studying and acquiring a large debt! 
Graduated them had no college debts, all paid by their private colleges, while it took me 2 decades to pay off my large college debt and in Bolivia I find the predatory missionaries living off the wealth of natural resources buried under the land of these economically dependent indigenous people: gold, indio, etc, while their rivers become intoxicated and along with biodiversity died some indigenous people.  
Greedy christianity's adverse consequences for their economic dependents!
Tragically for kids, some anthropology missionary dorm dads committed sexual crimes on fellow missionaries's children. NTMC covered up and none of these sexual serial criminals, including David Brooks, served time and manipulated to expire the penal statute-code, not to charge them. They are free sexual predators!
No one knows how many indigenous children suffered these heinous crimes.
My heart goes to each victim of a life time PTSD suffering.
I write this for free but seeking to avoid children becoming victims of evil predators disguised under the cloak of missionoaries!
NTMC changed its name to escape the infamous works of evil and their new name is "ETNOS360". You can find them in social media.
See below evidence.

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