Who believes you JoePinocchio?

Who believes you JoePinocchio?
         By Domi Mamani
Joe u said at the white house on the hill: My 2trillion dollars GND will save The Earth.
Fact: It's a pseudo GND& it's mainly for oil derived toxic asphalt, nuclear obliteration, arms industry jobs and an insignificant token for wind mills and trees while u continue increasing GH gas emissions that kill 70 million people annually with cancers!

Joe u say: Joining Paris Accord will abrogate oilCarbonGas by 2050
Fact: Paris Accord of cheaters by too distant year 2050 will have extincted us and perpetuated OilCarbonGas pandemics while you throw onto coffinCars beggars change which u call carbon tax!
Joe U say, Let me announce I am saving The Earth with my policies.
Fact: Your policies are wishful deceitful policies because on practice you are proliferating Nuclear plants which intoxicate humanoty for half a millenium, you are expanding oil pipelines that intoxicate our aquifers and soil and when oil pipes break, irreversibly kill people and biodiversity and your 20X oilCarbonGasfracking Pandemic increase, is causing climate catastrophe, death and extinction & unless we  are in massive civil Disobedience at the refineries& oil pipes we stand no chance to survive.

Joe u say let me say happy Mother Earth day.
Fact: Joe Punocchio you can say whatever you wish until getting blue on the face, but your acts speak louder than ur lies. And unless you make a U Turn and show us good actions like switch into Solar& Vegan you are JoePinocchio, who nobody believes but only believe you your oil& fracking gas Pandemic cohorts and grave diggers!

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