Who needs validation by Lynch Mobsters Sam&OAS?

Who needs validation by Lynch mobsters Sam & OAS?
       By Domi Mamani
Solomon P Chase AKA Sam, during the early 18th century envisioned it and J Monroe& Andrew Jackson materialized the Imperial Monroe Doctrine& assassinated S Bolivar.
Since then they extinguished the goal to consolidate an American continent Great Country & impostor it with a poppettish Organization of American States, which is a proxy tool for Sam to continue to impose their imperial Monroism, of working economic slaves from American States, to continue enriching themselves.
Imperial Sam took over Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Florida...etc and since then has invaded and made countless Coup D'etats& neutralized the American States intelligentsia and indoctrinated them in its universities to continue using them as servants.
What benefit have American states members of the OAS gotten for all their use?
Bread crumps falling off the table of Sam's offspring, to the dogs.
I have no use for Castro nor Maduro, but their countries have stood to Sam who has broken treateases, demagogue& LynchMobKing
American States mwmbers should actong as servile lynch mob to its own siblings& stop starving Cuban& Venezuelan People and refuse to intervene in the domestic and external affairs of Cubans& Venezuelans, because there is no honor in being a lynch mob to your own brothers, because tomorrow, the victim of Sam's lynching act it's you!
Should everyone withdraw from OAS, Sam can't control& continue enslaving you under the excuse of Hemispheric security, because you are not in at risk but you can be independent and comerce with whoever you like, including the Asian Pacific Rim, etc.
Since the 19 century Sam doesn't allow any external election observets or election auditors to electoral disputes within its land, so you too have the power to say to OAS and Sam, "I run independent elections and don't need your observers nor your election audits nor your elections validation, because you have a record of broken treatises& election manipulations and false fraud accusations as you did against Bolivia's E Morales& I am sick and tired of your proxy interventions and naming false presidents like Juan Guaido, who was never elected by the people nor by congress. Its time for renouncing OEA and I renounce, bye!"

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