A note of peaceful reflexion!

A note of peaceful  reflection!
     By Domi Mamani

Solutions don't come from volunteer Paris cheaters accord nor from govs.
Solutions can only come from peaceful
 people like you and me and whoever join us in peaceful civil disobedience at Oil refineries and not from fools who blindly believe in govs' &oilCoalGas corporatists- politicians.
Fools who fell for OilCoalGas Pandemic corporate's empty promises to abrogate oilCoalGas by year 2050 instead of now and here!
We are at the genesis of irreversible climate catastrophe&OilFrackingGasCorporatists have condemned you to perpetual famine, lab-made mutated pandemic viruses and perpetual 6 months booster shots falsely called vaccines( they are not vaccines, because a true vaccine like the measleas vaccine is a once a lifetime shot that protects you lifetime from pandemic virus), can start getting used to eating and drinking oil and breathing deadly methane& other greenhouse deadly gases imposed by these inhuman oil corporatists.
You fools believed in OilCoalGas pandemic corporations' empty hipothetical promises to reach carbon zero by 2050& not now, while they received trillions in oilCoalGas subsidies and under the excuse of antipandemic stimulus economic policies, got govs to give them away trillions of dollars, with which these OilCoalGas corporatists increased 20X emission of deadly Greenhouse gases.
Why did you let govs deceive you and still remain passive to these 20X increases of deadly oilCoalGas production for evil war economy, instead of opposing with massive civil disobedience protests at refineries, now?
How does it taste the oilCoalGas you are eating, drinking and breathing daily?
How does it feel to see your wife& children dying with cancers, etc, caused by this evil OilCoalGas Pandemic?

These OilCoalGas corporatists perpetuated them to enrich themselves at your lives cost and foolisly you keep driving fossil fuel guzzler vehicles instead of solar and electric cars. How do you feel being killed by these corporatist toxic gas merchants of death?
As for us Defenders of life and defenders of our children and grandchildren, we are being segregated and discriminated for refusing to become addicts to their countless 6 month booster shots, that destroy our natural immune defenses! Remember these same gasmen from Shell, Standard Oil... along with their financed Adolf, mercilessly gased 6 million innocent people in Europe, now they continue gasing us to death and extinction!
But before they kill us, peacefully we will engage in civil Disobedience at their oil&Gas refineries till they abrogate their deadly oilGas and we save the children and we become a solar vegan living societies and peoples
The more people who join us in civil disobedience at the refineries, it increases our chances to win and survive& keep caring for our children and grandchildren in a globe without wars but coexisting peacefully and helping and working together! 
If they violate our civil, human rights and constitutional rights by gasing us to death as they gased 6 million innocents before us, know oil corporatists killed by heavilt gasing us while peacefully we were attempting to abrogate their deadly oil&GasRefineries that emit deadly fluids& gases that are hurting and killing 70 million people per year with Asthma, cardio-respiratory illnesses and countless cancers caused by toxic GHG emissions. And remember us for trying to save you from Unjust death and human extinction!

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