Attention please!

Attention please:

If u say you don't care what oilCarbonGas Pandemic does to all humans & when they get you ill and you die& leave your children to suffer,
& get ill by compressor stations, that pump methane gas for cooking, heater... they will get sick and die so young because their careless parents didn't care.
Compressor stations keep pumping gas and exposing you to carcigogenic particules that cause you asthma and deadly cancers...without your knowlege, regularly their Compressor Stations blow down at night to depressurize, on and off again and you keep breathing them ever second.
How long before you get gased to death?
You are getting lied and killed sooner or later by these gas companies& corporations.
If theynget suit, quickly their lawyers will buy your silence of how harmful and deadly are their gas carcinogens and you walk out with beggars change in your pocket, after they have you sign to seal the settlement agreement and dismissal of your case.
The sealing of these settlement of gas injured plaintiffs, makes the mass killing of 70 million humans/ year without knowing gas corporations hurt their health and lifeloss and while the corporations pocket billions, the secrecy goes on bc, people like you who signed off secret agreements& seal them from public disclosure, kept perpetuating these vicious cycle of harming humans and gasing them to premature carcinogenic deaths...
Here is a video of what is being harmfully to humans, inform yourself and watch it to the end, so you can protect yourself, peotect your legal rights, health and life and the lives of your family!
Beware Oil corporations stopping viewing this video, you got to try to turn it off and on again when they stop it and direct you to other wifi video, because if the suits multiply, they loose their profits and their business is imperiled financially.
Sometimes residential reps are being drone- spied by these corporations.
A note apart from the video based on neighborhood leaders' experience: If you notice a low flying drone at your residence, u take pictures & using blankets, you can land these toy size drones, then you got evidence in your hands, for your lawyer bc FAA rules prohibit these spying drones from flying less than 1000 feet of altitud.
Domi Mamani

Type it to your computer or phone to view it, bc these corps are jamming the video:

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