Did Extreme right wing...execute the 2019 Coup D'etar or not?

Did Extreme right wing Camacho-Mesa-Villa Reyes-CEB-Kaliman&Calderon execute the  2019Coup D'etat or not?
    By Domi Mamani

Repeating J Goebbels million imes to create a believable act, the extreme right continues its daily  denyal of Anez having ever reached power through a Coup D'etat in Black November 2019!
They allege Anez reached through popular uprising.
Fact, Mesa trigered the genesis of the popular uprising by falsely using as a true fact the preliminary voting irregularity authored by his accomplice Secretary Gral of the OAS Luis Almagro who despite 2 years hasn't been able to prove his allegation that there was a Morales's 2019 election fraud, because multiole internationalbelection audits, conducted by independeny MIT& CLACSO... have proven there was no election fraud& two presidebtial elections in a row have proven C Mesa lost both elections to the same MAS indigenous party.
Don't they see that their extrene right popular uprising was in collusion with armed military-police-paramilitary uprising, which included terrorist kidnapping and coercion of 2 presidential congressmen's relatives and 2 vicepresidents who were ahead of Anez, so that when they were forced to resign, they created the opportunity for J Anez to allege, "Presidential succession"
And the fact remains without their armed accomplices there would have not existed their popular uprising nor an Anez Presidency!
Groupd or armed institutions and politicians followers are not the instrument nor the means to claim legitimate access to the Presidency of a country.
So despite those facts that prove the ilegitimacy of presidential succession, in order to make their allegation that there was no Coup D'etat, they needed create
1] Congress to accept the resignations of Morales& GL 4 congessmen who preceded Anez and then vote in congress who shall replace them.
If Anez had 2/3 congressmen, she could have tried to have them vote for her.
Anez had 4 cats but 2/3 MAS oppositors, who she knew would have rejected her and doomed the Extreme right wing Coup.
2] Had congress accepted all those resignations and had congress vote her to becine presidebt of the senate and voted her as Presidential succsessor, she would have not violated the Constitution, which was part of these 2 litmus test for attaining legitimate presidential succession.
But No, Anez did not comply with Congressional rules of succession nor with the Bolivian constitution!
Then they created Anez Autoproclamation, military putting the presidential sash and she become a president with ilegitinacy hanging on her head.
The creation of an apparent legitimacy:
These Extreme Right caudillos received instruction from their imperial employer of mercenary civil contractors: silence indigenous opposition by genocides and then once silenced the opposition, they autoproclaimed bolivian pacification had been achieved and then sought judicial legitimacy by presenting a constitutional review of extension of term to interim gov Anez
The TCP gave Anez a Non Binding consultation answer, which Anez with her controlled media presented it as a Binding legitimate recognizition and term extension of her autoproclaimed gov.
But after several term extension for Anez, she oversaw the presidentisl elections, then without delivering the presidential sash to Arce, the hidden way she self prockaimed president, she  proclaimed herself former president, away from the constitutional president.
The State of Bolivia's public ministry is arrested the extreme right parties main Coup Maker J Anez for sedition, etc and multiole prosecutions awaits not only Anez but all the above extreme right wing named caudillos because its hanging over their heads, the consequences of their Black November 2019 Coup, because their disguised soft civil- Military-police, paramilitary and CEB Coup D'etat constituted sedition, etc, because their groups or institutional  groups do not have the power to cause vacuum of power and seditioning to impose their autoproclaimed accomolice to name herself a president, and only congress, the CPE and people through elections are tge legitimate mean to access into power and not so popular uprisings!
But if Morales were to cook the argument the extreme right wing didn't let him end his second term in the presidency, and misuse the TCP's Auto Supremo, that is the TCP rejected to overturn 0084/2017 verdict and Morales run for his fourth term in the year 2025: It would be as disastrous as his 2019 election candidacy and it would be disastrous for MAS party.

I being an indigenous, know my indigenous brothers and sisters reject perpetual candidacies because for us power is rotational and to us means horizontal authority and not vertical authority which with a 2025 hipothetical candidacy, should it materialize, i know we will reject and flip him over and trial and sentence and have him serve his sentence in Chonchocoro prison as Garcia Mesa, Arce Gomez, J Anez, etc.
There are new indigenous leaders like Andronico Rodriguez... that must run his candidacy in 2025 and we expect rotten extreme right caudillos like Camacho, Mesa, ReyesVilla, Morales, Santos, Arias, etc must retire and let a new generation of environmentalist women and environmentalist men be at the vanguard of presidential elections, etc, if we are to survive as a United Nation!

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