Trucking fish to the Ocean?

Trucking fish to the Ocean?
     By Domi Mamani
I was a todler when i tasted fish and since then i counted my blessings of free wild fish, even though i am a vegan consumer& no longer eat fish nor any meat bc i respect the lives of marine , terrestrial and air-living beings who have same rights as us biped rational animals!
Humanity has had a wide array of biodiverse fish, which belong to all humanity.
But then corporatists wating to have ownership monopoly of food, used less than 1% genetic and added/ change that small portion of DNA and stole 99% Humanity's common ownership by patenting it as his corporate ownership.
Since then corporattists have been stealing flora and fauna common Humanity's ownership, to privatize it as a monopoly in many foods like Soy, etc.
Nowadays these corporatist thieves through patents have monopoly in key food and they keep expanding and stealing ir, through their monopolies into owning more species of biodiversity, as theirs.
Certainly when hunanity is going famined, massesv f people will be at the mercy of this corporatists monopolists in most economic activities and not just some.
And famined people being extorted especulative prices, rather than starved to death will rightly refuse to acquiesce to these monopolistic thieveries and may abrogate those patents and reclaim as humanity's original property all what constitutes monopolies, etc.
My concern for natural wild fish biodiversity, etc is these corporatists are destroying their biodiversitybgene pool in artificial hacheries and goant fish tanks and from time to tine they have released them into the ocean and tampered with natural fish and marine biodiversity irreversibly.
Also through GHG deadly pollutions for centuries, their oilCarbonFrackingGas have irreversibly caused the end of glaciars, permafrost, etc and converted our planet into a giant oven, withbincreasing hot temperatures.casevin point oilCarbonGasPandenic
From 1972-2000 increased half C degree.
From 2000-2021 increased one full Centigrade degree of temperature,  irreversibly.
Also we' ve experience BlackRock financing with trillions of dollars, the burning of our forests, which means the burning of oxygene and rains because without trees& without g lb aciars, etc we can't hsve rain and the aquifers are dying, faster with a thousand carcinogens of fracking gas pollution.
As a consequence of the above, we being at the genesis of climate catastrophe how without sweet water in rivers and lakes are fish going to survive?
Manybsoecies of fish and marine life are being extincted by oilcarbon gas pandemic and forests burning pandemic and two wat migrating fish like salmon in drought are aboutbto go extinct?
Without marine life, including fish, how are less than 8 billion meat eaters going to survive?
I don't eat so meat eaters tell me, what do you csre about marine animals and fish going extinct in permanent drought rivers etc.
I care bc, without marine animals, marine life goes extinct faster and without marin flora, we lose oxygen which we need to breath everybsecobdbofbour lives.
And the way you see, poor innocent fish dying in dry land without oxygen, we will be the next victims, after them.
Cinics and hipocrites, greedy corporatists say, "We are trucking fish to the salty ocean"
I ask them, " you truck them to the ocean but when they are adult and need to swim back to their borth place to spawn, how will they jump one thousand miles?"
They will fish them but by disrrupting irreversibly with their instinctual two way migration encoded brains, they will go extinct and without marine food what those 8 billion humans eat?
When they eat the last fish, will these oilcarbonFrackingGas Pandemic corporatists, eat oil, snort a thousand fracking chemicals and drink toxic carcinogens like benzine& hydrocarbons and their babies breath fracking methane gas?
Its a vicious genocidal corporatist cycle and since hovs collude with corpiratists have produced this vicioys genocidal cycle, only people can save people
by peacefully # Joining massive civil Disobedience till abrogating OilCarbonFrackingGas and switching to Solar and vegan economy now and not in 2050 when its too liitle too late for an extinct humanity!

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