Benjie Trump's parodic dream

The Parodic dream of Benjie Trump's parodic dream!

 By Domi     Mamani

Benjie Trump you committed bribery!
- witch heads
Benjie Trump you committed fraud
-witch heads
Benjie Trump you committed Breach of trust
- Witch heads
Benjie Trump the evidence shows you're guilty
- witch heads
Benjie Trump you can't continue lifetime in the throne for having committed crimes
-witch heads
Benjie Trump you are turning our nation into a Defacto Throne & not a democratic nation under the rule of law!
- Witch heads
- Benjie Trump you keep ordering bombings& executions to distract everyone away from your shameful crimes before this court& opinion of the free world
- witch heads
Benjie Trump you ordered bombing the journalists' Building and ordered executions of fleeing innocents& children
- witch heads
Why can't you man up and simply accept being tried for your crimes like everybody else?
-witch heads
Why can't you stop forcing Neverending elections when you know the people are not going to vote and make you lifetime Herod Antipas
- Limitless elections until I get elected Lifetime Herod and I get the witch heads
- What do you mean?
The cut off heads of our nation trialing me bc I will bring new people to make me lifetime Herod Antipas, to bow down everytime they come before my throne!
"Oh" Exclaimed waking up Benjie Trump, next to Sara Trump
"What a nightmare. I dream I was being trialed as a common criminal for my crimes, I mean for blessing our country with my authoritarianism, I mean with serving..."
Trial you for Bribery,  Fraud& Breach of trust& crimes against Humanity, Heard massive protestors demanding Justice against Him.
"Witch Hunters" Benjie Trump answered
refusing to see the writing on the wall against his crimes!