It's inhuman what patriarchs are doing to innocent women!

It's inhuman what patriarchs keep doing against women, globally.

What happens in Bolivia is a microcosm of what is being done against innocent women globally.

Patriarchs hold power in different branches of the gov, specially in the judicial branch& police, military...

A woman loved a man and was living with him.
Police believed the man and shortly after, same police went to the scene of the crime& found the man had killed her.
The judge was mandated to trial& convict the man for feminicide& give him 30 years jail once he admitted killing his live- in companion. But the judge with excessive discretion, change the sentence to Manslaughter and slapped him on the wrist for 6 years in jail.
Then the judge gave him house detention& he didn't serve the full 6 years jail sentence.
The murderer was a serial criminal, who went back to commit further sexual crimes.
Matter of fact he raped a helpless and innocent 13 year old child.
Why are the trial judge and the arresting police immuned& impuned as the serial rapist and feminicide are to this day?
This second case involving an operations security chief, then captain was
Evo Morales's presidential escort chief, who said he was in love with a young staff woman at the presidency and he went for a walk with his fiancee right before sunrise at Villa Tunari, in the Bolivian tropics.
She didn't come back and president Morales went back to La Paz, escorted by his chief of security& body guards.
Next day found the corpse of his fiancee.
Investigation led to the arrest of her fiance.
Came the Coup
And promoted to colonel, he was released and the trial went in disarray with compelling inculpating evidence being illegally removed and disappeared.
Luis Arce was elected new President and instead of protesting and demanding the trial for the death of the twentyish murdered fiancee, stayed away, because the trialed colonel was of Morales inner circle.
Then recently the judge gave a verdict dismissing the murder charge, alleging it was a plain accident she died swimming in his company.
Now it comes the gov with its smoke screen: Audit the trial of the case. And the murderer-Colonel- fiancee applauded to audit it.
Audits in Bolivia, save a few exceptions,overwhelmingly lead to rubber stamp the trial judges.
Dr Felipe Campos saved women in other deadly circumstances and once was injured after being ambushed by a groom's party who resented him for attempting to take her away to the police pursuant of a protective judicial order Dr F. Campos had secure for the bride.
In this present case of the murder of Sulmah
by colonel victor CC
The blow on the head of the swimming victim, that made her unconscious is not counted, simply concluded, she was laughing and she fell into the water& drowned herself.
Why her fiancee companion didn't save her but without telling anyone of her drowning and being taken by the river, he didn't alert anyone nor summon the police nor was part of a search crew, of his fiancee mysterious disappearance and drowning?
He presented his adulterated video about the victim laughing near the river shore, but not her loud scream which attracted tourist witnesses and the suspect walked past them not wanting to look at them nor answering their questions?
The victim's phone video disappeared from the court's evidence: The victim was screaming in pain and panic. Why was it excluded& just said, the cort can't find the victim's videevidence which was in the court file.
Experts were not allowed to testify about the video and the forensic physical evidence Sulmah's corpse presented: hematoma on the head, etc, wasn't included in the trial.
You don't need to be a Rocker scientist or Perry Mason to assert a blow on the head, causes unconsciousness, and once unconscious a thrown body to the river water will sink and the unconscious victim will drown. But the cause of death wrongly concluded by the court, is not drowning
What it missed is: the cause of death is the blow on the head that rendered her unconscious and then came the drowning of the unconscious victim!
Feminicids are a global patriarchal pandemic against innocent women.