Nothing comes from nothing!

Nothing comes from nothing!
      By Domi Mamani

Govs&corporatists r exterminating biodiversity withcGHG enissions, fracking gas, pesticides&Exterminating organic plants by exterminating pollinators like bees, and by transgenic flora& fauna, which extinct butterflies, lady bugs...!
Govs r arsoning forests 4TransgenicRedMeat that doesn't need pollinators,so corporatists control Food,water,soil& transgenic &Will Hand polinize& # PeopleSaveSeeds
# Clover4bees
# WIldFlowers4Bees
But humanity rejects corporatists owning everything including seeds, bees, etc, which belong to humanity and themselves& can't their matural Gene's can't be misaproppriated permanently nor temporarily by altering a fraction of 1% DNA.
Corporatists must ask face the fact nothing comes from nothing and until they created something 100%, then they can ask if Humanity wants to gove them a temporary patent-ownership to recoup their investment but after it can't monopolize it 100% permanently, because its using common property of oxygen, water, soil, etc.
If they want to own something 100% permanently, they must leave our mother Earth and find themselves a planet.