Open letter to Francisco Orgollo...

Open letter

To Mr Francisco Orgollo
& J Kerry
& M Maan
Re: Your proposals to decrease& eliminate OilCarbonFrackingGas by 2050 are deceptions!
Dear Sirs:
I don't mean to offend you but you are acting as spokesmen of govs& allege you will have govs at COP26 to sign the  volunteer Paris Accord to sign on a new accord to reduce Carbon emissions by 50% by 2035 and reach carbon zero by 2050.
Specifically you Mr Kerry speak only of eliminating 50% carbon emissions caused by transgenic soy& red meat. You omitted the reminder/other 50% carbon emissions caused by deadly OilCarbonFrackingGasPandemic.
You take future Non-existing Technolgy in mentions to allegedly eliminate methane emission from cattle& allege consumers can keep up their vicious irresponsibly consumption of red meat.
You allege technology will invent some day cattle feeding not to produce methane.
You don't have that technology& you won't have it either.
You say those Non- existing new technologies are a reality!
No, they are not a reality and they won't be reality in the future, hence without technology eliminating this methane pollution, your plan fails as a malicious and premeditated lie & failure to cut deadly methane pollution!
You say for your president, consumers do not need to give up their vicious&;irresponsible meat consumption, because you hide the fact your gov as polluter No1, keeps subsidizing and rubber stamping Your accomplice BlackRock financing forests fires, to increase red meat production in these global burned forests soils.
But you fail:
Without glaciars and permafrost and forests, you can't produce water for cattle not to irrigate deadly transgenic soy to feed your cattle, bc permanent frost& desertification caused by your gov endorsing global forests pardoning, is caused permanent drought and the future death of your cattle and famine for not only consumers but humanity.
You wisfully dream to desalinated ocean water as last resort, but you can't uncontaminatebfrom polymers and heavy metal & fracking gas pollution and the price per gallon of desalinated water becomes prohibitive, so there won't be soy for cattle and cheap red meat but there willl be deadly global famine and thirst for drinking and irrigating water.
You Mr Orgollo& you Mr Mann & Mr Kerry advising your govs to rubber stamp at Cop26 perpetuation of oilCarbonFrackingGasPandemic, by sugarcoating it with carbon tax& double carbon credit& useless carbon capture policy in exchange for beggars change to 8 billion people is not a solution now nor in 2035 or 2050.
No matter how you present your lies and Rubber stamped Cop26 policies, you know they don't stop oilCarbonFrackingPandemic but 20X increase deadly GHG emissions hurting and killing 70 million victims per year with Asthma, cancers, etc.
Continuing to sale lies doesn't work because all your COP summits have not stopped but keep increasing trillions of cubic tons of deadly GGH emissions and make our planet into a closed hot oven where you are burning us slowly to death and extinction with 6°C increase/decade and your govs are making them irreversibly permanent.
You know your hypothetical 2035& 2050 goals are too little to late for 70 million victims/year, who you can't resurrect with your holy father, hail mary prayers.
Selling your 50% methane hypothetical reduction by 2035 is a complete failure because you know it's a lie to perpetuate increase of deadly transgenic soy and red meat which produces deadly methane but you also distract with it from ongoing increase in f OilCarbonFrackingGas, which going emitted and into the water, soil, oxygen, the food chain, our blood stream, lungs and injuring as with Asthma& killing us with cancers caused by your gasing us, as Same Shell, Standard oil...gased 6 million victims in WWII, and nowadays you keep gasing us to death and extinction as you gased them in WWII.
Why don't you ask your govs to stop producing OilCarbonGas now and here, instead of selling false deadly climate catastrophe and the extinction of our humanity?
Selling Non- Existing Future antimethane technology & selling death as life is as false and malicious as selling the Non-existing kingdom of El/ God/ yahwe/ Jehovah/ Adonai, because you can't show it, nor can prove it exists but beg the question by reciting the chicken or the egg.
The only solution doesn't come from your G-7 or EU or BRICS and you know it can only come from massively Joining Civil Disobedience at Refineries, pipelines, mines& fracking sites till they are abrogated here and now!
Wait your public answers if you got any decency left in you.
Domi Mamani M
May 16th 2021