Waggy tailing dog.

Excerpts from unpublished book

Rippling effects: Waggy tailing dog!
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    By Domitila Mamani,
The Vietnam war was not going well for us& rag tag Salvador Allende wasn't any threat to our economic system, yet shortly after as a budding adolescent I couldn't believe the corporatist-saints were dollar financing a coup that not only paralyzed frequently Chile but the Chileam army, navy and airforce were being financed & they bombed La Moneda Palace& killed their own president and after unleashing systemic violence against their own innocent & peaceful people, still I heard roaming tanks& machine guns and saw Santiago city's streets converted in military combate zones... against their own citizens.
I couldn't believe this was happening.
Months later, heard a distant blast and it caused me shivers& missing class. That was the day after I had returned from Chile. The distant blast I had heard wasn't a meaningless blast in meaningless little Chile, because our newspapers headlines clearly denounced Orlando Letelier...Ronny Moffet had been assasinated in our democratic streets and not in Chile.
How could this be happening in the core of Democracy, under Nixon& Kissinger?
Time passed& being a preppie college student, I thought I had left the past nightmare of Augusto Pinochet's coup.
I was not a Chilean try to forget it but a foreigner who had witnessed barbaric acts committed in the name of God& anticommunist Democracy. It wasn't easy because that wacky dog  was in some of my lectures and conferences I had to attend in the ivy league university I was being educated at
The chairman invited outside think tank academicians.
"To rescue the Chilean Democracy, the plesbicite we are trying to sell is the best solution for Chileans and the world... it will give the chilean military , lifetime a hight percent of congressional seats in exchange to yield to Democracy. By  plebiscite winning, the chilean people will have voted Pinochet out and bury pinochetism and sent the military back to their barracks"
Thunder of applause and the audience thought was a good plebiscite being proposed.
My girlfriend whispered at me, "Don't ask, you can endanger yourself..."
"Doesn't that sound like a fox lion's proposal. If he wins he stays until 1997, if he loses, Pinochet and his corporatists get lifetime hight percent of senate seats.
So either way Pinochet and corporatists win"
The chairman and 3 Deans stood up and the chairman said to me, "Chileans must learn to respect our guests. Will you withdraw& let the guest lecturers finish the advantages of this octuber plebiscite..."
" What happened to Democracy, academic freedom& the freedom of speech in our country, the cream of Democracy?"
Suddenly I was seized, even as students chanted.
" Let her ask...answer her questions" I was ejected.
Suffice to say my academic questions cost me, never ending unnecessary surveillance, though I was never among our country's statesmen& I wasn't worried by men and women entering my classes, not taking notes but shadowing me, even when I was playing meaningless soccer, clicking their high speed cameras and mostly aimed at me, a stidemt among millions of students, a nobody!
What a waste of tax payers money and their time and my time!
I am now a retired faculty member and I don't worry
about them stull shadowing me, because I have nothing for them and they knew and know they were and are wasting time... but the waggy tailing dog of my preppie academic years has kept dogging me:
Chile is  just elected plebiscite members to try to undo the lifetime damage, Pinochet's foreign corporatists caused by having financed him and the money is reflected in the Pinochetist Constitution as a consequence of the 1988's Octuber plebiscite.
Indeed in Pinochet, the foreign corporatists created the lion fox who when loosing, got lifetime senate seats for chilean corporatist military as a reward for killing their own president at La Moneda Palace& countless thousands of civilians since 1973's coup.
The elected oppositors&independents will try to undo the above listed bills which long after Pinochet's shameful dying lies, still remain as evil in the chilean constitution as I write this.
As a former academician, my questions that were not answered by the think thank's guest lecturers in 1988, will be answered sometime this year.
These are not meaningless military corporatists I'll that have lasted this long, they are not only important for Chileans but for the whole world, because, corporate military in all countries have in Colonial to post modern times have created severe social injustice and aided and abetted Oil, Carbon& fracking gas with climate catastrophe we are facing now and what future do we want to be remembered with by our children:
Digital technocrat authoritarians who did nothing but praised themselves or shameful cowardly parents who didn't have the courage to stop social injustice, climate catastrophe and our kids get sick with asthma and died by countless cancers caused not only by social justice but Oil Carbon & fracking gas with a 1000 deadly chemicals hidden under the mask of industrial secret?