Why the double standard...?

Why the double standard for seditious Lucifer Camacho& Camacho Parada?
  By Domi Mamani

I am an ordinary woman, one of 5 billion women living in our generous & caring Mother Earth.
One that despite countless violations corporatists commit against our Mother& against our humanity of over 8 billion people, like many people, I am a pacifist who continues to live by the rule of law.
I will talk to you about a corporatists men of the many, Luis Fernando "Lucifer" Camacho Vaca.
Met him when he was a nobody and was a paramilitary notzee carrying the double notzee Croatian cross of the Union juvenil crucenista crack troops to carve out of Bolivia's territory, the  Half Moon Croatian Republic, lead by his boss Branko Marinkovic, in 2009.
Part of their paramilitary from Croatia died in combat and the paralyzing strikes failed before the indigenous climate Defenders of Bolivia.
The seditious croatians fled to avoid penal prosecution for sedition etc. So Camacho studied PEI and law, years later he came back and a Croatian Latifundio elitist, prosper in cattle business, banking, etc in the very generous Bolivia that they had tried to dismembered it.
But Camacho a Croat notzee had no scrupulous and along Branko Marinkovic joing domestic civil contractors for seditious purposes, lead by their global employer who covets countless trillions in Lithium, gold etc.
Along with many separatists seditious latifundists, financed and led by their global employer, executed the coup against useless Evo Morales.
For this black November coup in 2019, Camacho "Lucifer" Vaca and his father, broke all kinds of penal laws, including impersonating high ranking Police officers and with forged documents made it passed military and police restricted check points in the middle of a brewing coup, because the global employer was providing them financing the coup, protection and the police force being part of the Coup along military and paramilitary armed cracked troops among civilians were protecting them.
Camacho arrived twice to the presidential city of La Paz, with media/ press free mileage, he was delivering in person the letter to demand  Morales resignation. The second time, he succeeded to arrived in La Paz, right to allegedly hand his publicized letter.
ALMAGRO. from the lynchmobsters OAS, had trumped up a false election audit alleging in his report voting irregularities and had along with Camacho and his father, delivered millions of dollars from their global employer and bribed key congressmen & key commanders.
So they caused the sedition and caused Morales resignation and coerced congressmen that by the constitution were to be elected successor of President Morales, to resign, so after causing a state colapse of the executive branch while the other powers of state were intact and on Nov 23 blocked congress from electing the constitutional successor of the president voted by them ad it's the usual constitucional  process in all democracies of the world.
Bu Camacho, his father and their Latifundio CCs blocked congressmen access to congress and surrounded by these armed officers, had J Anez to self proclaim president, hence sediciously violated the constitution and the will of the people like Trump crowds tried to do, but in Bolivia these seditious notzee carrying their racist genocidal obsession, did it.
And with a genocidal decree 4078, they ordered the genocide of unarmed inmate defenders in Bolivia in sacaba& Senkata.
Then they marcotrafficked and looted Bolivia's coffers in 11 months and continued in that time, the state of terror and framing law far, to imprisoned anyone questioning human rights abuses.
Lucifer Camacho and Mesa run in the election but were crashed by gray eminence exiles like Dr Felipe Campos, who they had exiled through their Anez Gov, and Bolivians elected little known L Arce.
Camacho cried like trans unable to have children, for loosing miserably despite their fortune.
Though later Lucifer Camacho became governor of Santa Cruz, the fact remains he is still trying to dismember Bolivia to create along with Manfred Reyes Villa, Doria Medina, Mesa, etc, their HalfMoon Croatian Republic out of the territory of Bolivia, all under the excuse of autonomy& federalism.
It's neither but plain treason to Bolivia and sedition to get rid of Arce by repeating their euphemistic "popular uprising" which is a plain Coup D'etat, under the fake mask of " saving Democracy"
It's not saving democracy but Authoritarianism.
They are trying to execute their Coup this year.
To me, Arce Latifundio capitalism Warwick style vs Camacho, ReyesVilla- Mesa extreme right Latifundio Capitalism is neither good.
But in all countries where these Notzee Croatians commit genocide, violated the laws by sedition& posing and acting as Fake police with fake documents and in countless videos having admitted Lucifet Camacho and His Father CamachoParada having incriminated and admitted the above crimes and toppling Morales Gov, whether they and EU and their global employer of civil contractors, like it or not, they must be prosecuted, sentenced and serve their penal sentences like any common criminals and the EU& their global employer must stop foreign inference and coercion, to get the unlawful release of genociders like Jeanine Anez, and Camacho along with his father must serve like every criminal their prison time.
Rewarding these genociders with perpetual immunity and impunity will only create further genocides to proliferate incidentally and prevalently.
Climate Defenders genocide does constitute crimes against Humanity, or not?
You see the imprisoning of Trumpists for sedition, etc, so why the double standard for Lucifer Camacho& his Father CamachoParada and all their crime partners?